Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello Fall-Sort Of

Now that I'm back and settled in, it's time to welcome fall.  Fall in Texas is generally a warm, even hot affair. Last year the kids wore flip flops and shorts while trick or treating and I wore a silk t-shirt on Thanksgiving.  That said, fall in Texas has a slight case of multiple personality disorder.  Last night it got into the forties-but tomorrow it will be in the eighties and the next day the nineties. We even cancelled our Habitat building for the weekend (I know, Texas wimps).  This happens rarely-but when it happens it sometimes goes up and down in forty eight hours-meaning this is our most dangerous time for colds and the like. It's always strange to feel the desire for heat one day and air the next.

My 23 year old is a recovering asthmatic-he hasn't had an episode since early high school. However, when he catches a cold the chance of pneumonia is ever present and extremely high.This is the time of year when that's the most likely scenario.  It's always amusing to watch him walk into the ER or emergent clinic and speak to the poor intake person. "What are your symptom, today?"......"Well, I have pneumonia in my left lung and need some antibiotics and pain pills". They never seem to know what to do with a patient who absolutely knows his own body and what he needs to a T. It's almost like they're offended that he dared to diagnose himself or are frustrated that they didn't get to do their own evaluation first.

In order to get the "feel" of fall in Texas, I decorate for this season more than any other. I expect folks in the cold cold north feel the same about Easter and the spring. I've slowly begun pulling out fall themed items to update the house.  I'm not one to go crazy with decorations and at holidays have a moderately decorated house-I never bother with the outside except for a wreath.  However, I do like to show the change of seasons in the house-and because I'm a crafter and quilter, I have seasonal covers, quilts, table runners and pillow covers. Martha Stewart I'll never be but I do have my fun.  I grabbed the pumpkins on my mantel last week at a yard sale. I also got a candelabra and  Halloween candles-I may put these outside on the ledge instead of a pumpkin or in addition to one. I grabbed the birdhouse and paints thinking of a haunted house-now I just have to sit down and paint the thing! I've also got that candy decorated flower arrangement to get done. And I always make decorated sugar cookies for every holiday...........

I've been trying to decide about Halloween. Answering the door and passing out candy with two active dogs (one of them barely a year old) sounds like a recipe for disaster. Crating them while the bell rings every ten minutes seems cruel. My son has suggested that we just put out a large bowl and rely on the kindness of parents (all the kids in my area come escorted). I'm still mulling this one over.

The advantage of fall is that it's actually cool enough  to do some Friday drives. I understand that cool is a relative word. When you've had triple digits for six weeks or more, eighty is lovely. In the next week or so I'll be taking a drive to Texas Hill Country, and Oktoberfest is upon us. Add that to the fact that this is the best time to sit out on my patio and I am ready for the season.

This time my drive to Colorado was brief.  I talked business with my brother, visited with family,and checked out a few condos to get a feel. I also watched the football. There were no side drives or sightseeing, although the leaves and trees on the trip itself were stunning. I'll be returning for Thanksgiving and in addition to a side trip to Santa Fe, will be doing some Denver sightseeing.  The Denver Museum of Art will have the huge Van Gogh exhibit then. My sister-in-law and brother are museum members so they should be able to get tickets. I also hope to hit El Chapultepec for some jazz-a must visit in Denver.

I would not however, be a true quilter if I did not hit a local quilting shop and purchase some fabric!  My first craft fair of the season is the 19th and I used that as an excuse to get some packets. I never, ever do anything in red and white-but I couldn't pass up this set-and my in law's living room are these colors, so a gift is born. Add a few piles of fall, Christmas, and juvenile prints and I have my travel souvenirs. The larger group of fabrics I'm ready to cut into as I write.  Oh, and somehow in the midst of all this travel I made three custom orders, one shown above!

This week has become my "fall/winter organizational week". I'm making lists (fall cleaning and home maintenance, Christmas lists, budgets, books to read, things to sew) and schedules (It's amazing how, even without children at home, fall becomes the time with the most school and volunteer commitments). Meanwhile, I'm off to do some fall work on my patio. Soon I hope to share my reading list and more about my trip to the cold, cold north.


  1. The candy-with-a-puppy problem is one I will share with you this Halloween. Luckily, our neighborhood gathers around a portable fire pit. The kids come to this one location to get candy from everyone instead of ringing bells and setting off all the dogs.

    Like Texas we bounce from the 80s or 90's to the upper 70's and then two days later back up to 90. It is hard to plan outside activities until things become a bit more consistent around November 1st. But, mornings are now in the 60's making for a pleasant cup of coffee on the porch.

  2. Love the fabric that you picked up.

  3. I'm heading to Austin next week to visit my grandchildren. This time of year I never know what to pack. Sometimes it's been cold and other times hot.

    Love the fabric...but what a lot of work!

  4. We too are trying to get our fall/halloween decorations up. I am sooo over all the heat of the summer. Your fabric all looks sew yummy, can't wait to see all the cute things you will be creating. Dogs and Halloween are such a pain. We now go to our DD so we can enjoy the grands but I do put together some cute bags for the little ones that live around our home. I put the bags on their door Halloween day so they have a treat when they return from school/daycare

  5. Didn't it snow in the Denver area the other day? Would be quite a change from the Texas heat.

    Although . . . I remember many years ago, I flew from NY to Dallas just before Christmas. It was mid-60s in NY and dipping into the 40s in Dallas. NY warmer than Dallas? Surprised the heck out of me. I guess ya' never know.

  6. Beautiful fabric! And our weather here in Las Vegas--high 80s mostly--is anything but fall-like but I like your idea to decorate more during this season to really make it seem like fall!


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