Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Books.....................

I'm feeling a bit grinchlike this evening.  For the first time in memory, I am not giving out candy. The door is shut, and the dogs are in. I was actually debating this one up until this morning.  However, we've been working seriously towards our final yard sale (thank you, Lord). Most importantly though, I just don't think the dogs are up to it. These are new puppies we are still working with-and giving out candy while making sure the dogs don't escape (or whine for being caged during the fun), sounded more work than fun this year. So far, the doorbell has rung only briefly, twice.

I want to thank everyone for their responses before. I'm still working on the tithing issue, but I believe it's moving towards the ten percent. The debate on soaking beans seems to be about evenly divided.

This afternoon I went to Barnes and Noble and then to the craft shop. In my life, that's a recipe for spending-nothing frugal about either place. I decided to stop by the bookstore to check up on a recommendation by one of my readers, and to get the new Kate Burkholder novel. As I mentioned,  I have been looking for a non-aerobic exercise book. Eventually I may take a class in Tai chi or a modified Pilate's course if I can find one.  I wanted at home exercises for now. I'm still having neck pain and need to increase range of motion and strength.
The book recommended was Strong Women Stay Young. I was very pleased when I saw the actual book. Previously I had read a book by the same author called Strong Women (and Men) Beat Arthritis.  The author's exercise results have been published in the JAMA, and she presents scientific recommendation along with instructions. The book also gives supplemental moves depending on limitations. So far I have only scanned this book, but I am determined to do the four week basic program beginning this weekend. I also eventually want to get a book on yoga for arthritis.  I'll let you all know how I progress on this one.

Never one to enter a book store and leave with a single book (or even two), I wandered into the marketing section.  I am trying to grow two businesses through social media and it's a real learning experience, let me tell you. I just finished the book Likeable Social Media.  After reading Amazon's "If you like that, you will like this....." section, I picked up another book. Likeable was about general attitude, while I expect the New Rules of Marketing and PR will have much more practical information. I'm looking forward to sitting down with this one.

Finally, I've been looking to add a line of soaps and body products to my store and line (I knew there was a good reason I named the shop BarbaraJune Creations instead of quilts).  I'm still primarily quilter but I'll be adding other items to my store. Oh yes, I'm opening a stand alone online store-but that's a separate story. Meanwhile I'm looking forward to making a Jasmine and Green Tea and a Brown Sugar and Vanilla skin care line.

Most of the time, I get my books from the library or  yard sales. Occasionally I download a free book on my kindle.  There are times however, when it's worthwhile adding a book or two to my library.  Three of these I can consider good reference books and will, I expect,  permanently find a place on my shelf. And if I decide otherwise?  Well, I can always sell them on Amazon.

As for the craft store?  That would be an entire blog post in and of itself. Suffice it to say I have a vision for every single purchase-and expect them all to become finished salable products soon.  My first non quilt/non soap project is a birdhouse painted gingerbread style. I'll let you know how it comes out.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation on the exercise book - Strong Women Stay Young. I just requested it from the library.

  2. Thank you for the recommendation on the Stay Strong book. I'll check it out from the library, then buy it if it looks good. I need something simple that doesn't require a gym, although the Plano Recreation Centers are very reasonably priced and well equipped.

  3. Cari, they are is the allen natatorium. I just dont like to leave my own house, especially in the cooler weather. I prefer to exercise at home (admittedly Im not looking for socializing through exercise-I even prefer to walk alone.


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