Saturday, November 24, 2012

Books and Movies.....

And a couple other post Thanksgiving thoughts:

Half of us, I expect read Lee Child. Half of us probably don't and a certain number of people have simply never heard of Jack Reacher (the American character, not that British French Foreign Legion fellow).  To all three groups, I simply have to say-WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?  Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher?  Who thought that would be a good thing? To the  uninitiated, Jack Reacher is in his late thirties, he's six foot and a half, and hes a battle scarred veteran loner type. Some books should, I suppose, simply not be made into films.

On the other hand (jumping off my soap box), I'm cautiously looking forward to The Life of Pi. While I realize that it won't be the book, considering the director and the trailers I have seen, this one may be an "in the movie" must. I admit I'm behind on my movie watching-having yet to see Lincoln, Argo, or Skyfall. I have not even hit my old Redbox in the past week or so, although I am dying to see Prometheus again as well as the Expendables 2 (it's a weakness, what can I say). As my priest said this evening as she waded into her sermon, she's the kind of person that likes to see the good guys win over the bad guys. If said win involves things exploding and such, all the better.

Have I mentioned that my son is on a classic movie mission? He has a list of all the American Film Institute Top 100 films and is slowly watching them one by one. His mother has added a couple British (Gandhi) and French (The Grand Illusion) films in with the rest. Some, such as Twelve Angry Men, really impressed him.  Others, such as Dr Strangelove and Midnight Cowboy, have left him cold. I expect there are certain cultural things that simply don't translate well to his  perspective. His mother, by the way, has seen everything that is not silent except  for Citizen Kane, and Rebecca if it is still on the list.  Shoot me, but I hate Daphne Dumarier.

I'll insert here that I'm obnoxiously a smart aleck when it comes to film knowledge. I'm the person who gets called at two in the morning on a drive back from the outer banks to list the entire cast from the original Cape Fear. I'm the one that knows, yes, there actually is a movie with Sidney Poitier, Inger Stevens and Mel Ferrer where they may be the last three people in earth-or at least in New York City.  My brother knows more than I (it has to do with working weird hours and watching late nite classic movie channels on a regular basis). I only add these bits of information because in general, my college kid trusts me. If I say he will love a movie, he knows that it's usually true.........Except, except, except..........

The boy has consistently refused to watch Casablanca. He'll watch Singing in the Rain, he's watched at least half of West Side Story, and huge portions of Gone With The Wind. But try as we might to persuade, he has refused. Until now. It seems that he's copied down three or four lists of the best movies of World War II-and Casablanca is on it. Along with From Here to Eternity (which I may never get him to watch) and so on.  Maybe now, he'll believe that Casablanca is not "just a romance". One can hope. If the kid could watch The Longest Day, in black in white, without getting up to pee at six years old-he can watch Casablanca already.

Thanksgiving was enjoyable this year as well as relaxing.  Because we didn't want my dad and I to make an extra effort, we did paper plates and the whole nine yards.  As an added kindness to me, my daughter provided "our dessert"-pumpkin cake with maple nut glaze and pecan pie. While I'm still the Christmas cookie maker in the family, both my adult children have taken on baking with a vengance (as well as other cooking). The end result-mom got lots more sewing time (sorry about the lighting on a few of these pictures).

Many, many sets of cloth cocktail napkins
Sets of hanging gift card holders

Sets of coasters too numerous to mention
 A quilt ready to be layers and quilted-sorry folks< the colors in this are awful! Artificial lighting and all that!
 And finally, lots and lots of fabric gift bag sets and wine bags.
Tomorrow, I'm taking it slow. I went to church today just so I could sleep in tomorrow. On the agenda, quilting for myself most of the day (Ill go back to business stuff another day-I have two quilts that need to be finished). I'm going to begin to teach my son to can (he has no money for gifts, so he's making pickles and conserves and sauces under mom's supervision)..
Finally, I'm still working on leaving this house. I have an appointment with a financial counselor next week, and I'm working on getting as much out of the house as I can-without digging a deeper hole. More on that to come, along with some regular posts on single retirement. Happy Sunday!


  1. I have read all the Jack Reacher stories and I can't believe that they chose absolutely THE worst actor to play Reacher! Tom Cruise is the antithesis of the character in the book. They cannot do enough creative editing to make that work! I always pictured someone like a younger Brian Denenhy in the role. Not handsome...but big and tough! Lee Child should have put his foot down on this one.

  2. I just had to post (after reading your blog for months) because you are 100% right about Tom Cruise as Reacher -- what were they thinking indeed???? An abomination to this Reacher fan!

  3. I loved this post. I am one of those people that will set off on a quest to read, listen or watch the best of the best.

    Have you read Foreign Affairs by Allison Lurie? I read it while we were in Mexico. I loved the novel but I only bought it because it won the Pulitzer Prize in the 1980's. Loved it's details and romantic lessons. I think you would love it too.

    Be well.


  4. I have read a lot of the Jack Reacher books and can't picture Tom Cruise as him at all. Can't stand Tom Cruise to begin with but in my mind he isn't ever close to what JR looks or acts like.

    I love what you have sewn there I am looking forward to some time to sew in a few weeks when my finals are over.


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