Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fabric-And Other Good Stuff

It's now official folks, I have been to the polls. Today is election day, and  really cannot bring myself to vote anytime else. Obviously I don't live in Ohio or Florida (what a travesty!!!!!) and tend to think folks running elections there should probably be taken out and tarred and feathered. It makes me remember why we have a voting rights law-and wonder why more isn't being done. If I lived there I might have to change my philosophy on the early vote.  I can only pray that we have something akin to a real result sometime tonight.

Note: I apologize for the quality of the pictures below, folks. I took these with my phone while my camera was charging. Better photos will reappear tomorrow (along with more fabric, I promise).

The rest of my day is now dedicated to playing (more or less) with fabric and reading. Today is one of those days that I could-given the chance-end up sitting on the patio and taking a nap in my chair. It sounds like a lovely idea to me. Interspersed with the slow pace of the next few days is a bit of Habitat work. The Chairman has walked away from the steering committee, so we have some decisions to make about who will do what and when.  While I have looked at my exercise book, I have not sat down and begun the process. I really need to do that and especially do some range of motion exercises for my neck stiffness.

I've always said that the best thing about being a fabric artist is the fabric. I tend to buy the fabric then design what I'm going to make around the fabric. The upside of being a professional fabric artist is that, well, you get to see even more fabric.  Often fabric that you would never use or would not think of to use on your own. I've picked up a few funky fabrics lately in order to get some projects done before my large 3 day craft fair next weekend.

If there is a downside to creating for craft fairs and the like, it's that occasional mass production comes into play. For me this is never a problem on smaller projects (say, coasters up to baby quilts). Cutting fabric is by far the least favorite part of what I do, so I have always made "cutting days" part of my routine. For the next two weeks I've also made a plan for smaller projects-doing one project a day in different fabrics with different embellishments. Tomorrow my intention is to make dog bandannas (the kind that fit over the collar) and ties and a couple pieces of animal clothing-new for me.  I'll let you know how it works out. I'm also working on my gift quilts a little bit each day.  I have four full sized quilts going out for Christmas.

Recently, I've decided I'm glad that I gave my online shop a generic name rather than "quilts" in the title. Why, you may ask?  Well, I'm adding custom gift tags and cards and bath products to the (probably too many) things I like to play with. Hopefully one of my soap lines will be ready before the end of the Christmas season-candy cane or peppermint, that is the question.

Taken from my phone, when camera was charging, 
sorry about the quality of these photos, folks

And now, I'm off to lie on the couch, enjoy my house that is mainly decorated for fall, and read (or nap). Now that's what it's all about!


  1. Ohio is not as bad as they make it sound as long as you do not answer your phone or door. In the past week we have had 27 polital things left on our door, Even as late as 4PM today someone knocked and left politiacal lititure on the door.

    I so enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Beautiful fabric! I can't sew to save my life but fabric and fabric stores just enthrall me! Pretty!

  3. Love that last fabric!! :) Hope you'll share some of your craft show items!!


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