Saturday, November 10, 2012

This Week In Retirement....

......Was much more like what my goal of retirement should be (when I'm not traveling, that is). In my life, that normally means a mainly laid back life style with a few more active bursts of activity in between.  This week has felt much more like "retirement" to me. As with life in general though, there were ups and downs.

The downs are both physical this week. The left half of my neck STILL hurts from the top of the long muscle that connects with the shoulder to the bottom-and in the front on the same side). I haven't moved to ibuprofen from aspirin and I made need to break down and do that, as well as apply some serious heat and range of motion activity. Equally importantly, I just realized it's been over ten days since I tool my thyroid medicine-and remembered why I need to take them. Tomorrow I will be taking two. It was a case of not having the energy to leave the house, going to the pharmacy and realizing it was after hours, then sending my son and having them not let him pick them up. It simply got away from me (In addition to low energy, I take the pills for small nodules on my thyroid).

Aside from that though, it's been a very relaxing week. I've been spending a good half to three quarters of my daylight hours sewing-at my own pace and with plenty of breaks. I'm committed to a three day (three day????) craft event as part of our local trade days. I've been alternating fun stuff  with the more boring stuff (football fan gear such as Dallas Cowboys Pillows). I'm also working on a large modern quilt for myself-at my own pace. I'll think about gift quilts after this weekend. Pictures will follow.

I've returned to my old habit of making the first half of the day my time-moving at my own pace and loving it. Two days this week I've gotten my daily can of caffeine and either my laptop or kindle and climbed back into bed. I've read on the patio. I've casually searched zillow looking at house prices, and done some day dreaming about future road trips.  I've "puttered' for lack of a better word. Sometimes that puttering includes doing constructive things around the house, sometimes it's a mindless drivel kind of day. This is what works for me. I've actually caught up on my reading, both fun and church or business related. I work on the patio, doing more sitting than planting, truth be told.

As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my local arboretum has continued the Chihuly glass art exhibit through the first of the year. During the summer it was too hot, and then I was avoiding the pumpkin patch folks. I would have hated to miss this.

My out of the house project this week continues be fundraising. This weekend we have an annual turkey in gathering for our low income family outreach program. On the Habitat side, we're trying something new.  Each item in the house cost was broken down by cos) and sometimes multiplied. This gives church members and other a chance to purchase a specific item ( for example a window at $150), as a gift if they so desire. My problem is how to put that on a card or piece of paper (perhaps shaped like a house) attached to a ribbon, so that if someone wants to give a gift in name, they can. Being a fabric person and not a paper person particularly, it's an adventure.

My other projects involve playing with some new fall recipes and learning about what to plant in pots in the fall in Texas. Fortunately I have both the Internet and books to help out with both issues.

Finally, as if I didn't have enough to do, I've taken on another creative project. After perusing Pinterest and seeing a couple beauties like the ones below, I've begun painting a group of Christmas birdhouses. How they'll turn out, no one knows. They sit on a table in my office in between painting time and the ideas come as I go.

Oh, one last "downer". After some thought, I withdrew from my classes-after the withdrawal date deadline and my receipt of financial aid. This was a difficult decision for me. I'll owe that financial aid back to the school (of course)  in January. But I was completely overextended and exhausted. Taking classes should be fun, not stressful-at least at this time in my life. My time is better spent (even from a financial perspective) in other directions and doing other things. In the end it will all work out.

Plans for the coming week? More sewing. Lots more sewing. A real in the theater movie (either Looper or Lincoln). Some pre Thanksgiving cooking and baking. Hopefully, a country drive at least one day...............who knows what else!


  1. Taking classes should be fun in retirement - definitely with you there. Looking forward to seeing some quilt pictures....I'm getting in the mood to get out that box of UFO's under the stairs. Enjoy seeing all your decorative and creative projects, as this is not my forte.

  2. I love that glass!!!!

    Looking forward to my first time i a theater in two months to see Lincoln!

  3. My wife is about to begin making a quilt out of all the patches we have collected over the years from our visits to National Parks and historical sites. She decided it will be perfect for the bed in our new RV. Unlike your beautiful ones, this quilt will not be for sale!

  4. I'm shifting how I spend my time as well. Love the idea of having mornings for whatever you feel like.

  5. Bob', good for her. Most of my quilts are not for sale. They are in my house or were given as gifts

  6. I like your great Habitat idea. And I agree that puttering around the house is also a worthwhile activity. But as for me, I find that I can work and focus in the morning; then lose all ability to concentrate in the afternoon. That's the time for me to do mindless tasks; run errands; and zone out with the TV or the computer.

  7. Love your posts Barb! I am a morning putterer also-- and I also love road trips up to our cabin in the woods and further North--am planning one for next week. Your quilts are so beautiful--I cannot sew at all so I live vicariously through your quilting blog posts! I have a friend in San Antonio who also quilts, makes pillows,etc and sells them at art fairs,etc..

    enjoy your busy week!

  8. Galss art is just so beautiful. I am glad you got the chance to enjoy it.

    God bless.

  9. I visited my son and family in Dallas this past weekend, and we went to the Arboretum to see the Chihuly exhibit. Not to be missed! I've always wanted to see his work, and to see it on such a grand scale and natural setting was just an amazing experience. We went during the daytime - I can't imagine how gorgeous it must be lit up at night. I hope you go!


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