Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thoughts on Election NIght

As I sit on the couch at close to midnight on Tuesday, the final election results are here. We all know the results, no matter our feelings. Although in general I avoid jumping into political comments, I do need to make some observations at his late hour. I appreciate everyone may not agree, and  hope even those who disagree will feel free to comment. I imagine most of my blogging friends, different perspective or not, know how to share their own opinions with tact....Hopefully I won't regret this post in the morning.

  • First, and most important. NO MORE POLITICAL COMMERCIALS
  • It's time for the obstructionism to be over, on both sides. There are many of things to be done, and they need to be done now. I would even suggest that the success of the Republican party especially, depends on how much they are willing to move forward. The goal of making President Obama a single term president is over and the American people will not appreciate the deadlock. We are a country based on compromise, on meeting in the middle. We are in trouble and things cannot just be put off for another for years. Adults work together even when they disagree.
  • I'm so happy to see that you cannot buy an election, and I would say so no matter the winner. The guys with the most money don't automatically win-to say the least.
  • We the people cannot have it all. You can't cut taxes and have good schools and good roads. Making sure everyone has equal medical care may mean that you have to wait two days longer to see a doctor for a regular appointment. Bringing soldiers home from Iraq means more folks flooding the job market. 
  • Taxes are not the evil empire. Cutting taxes is not always the best thing. I've been fortunate to live in a country with an extremely high tax rate. Yes, I wrote fortunate.  The thing was though, the services were commensurate with those taxes-from a school system much better than ours, to a medical system much better than ours to little things, such as the fact that I never (ever) saw a pothole on a highway the whole time I was in Germany. Which leads me to.....
  • You cannot eliminate the deficit and cut taxes over the board. Period. I know this, and I have not taken a math or economy class since high school. 
  • While I did not vote for Mr Romney, I'm happy to see that we remain a country open to all religions and realize that leaders can separate faith from duty. I think in terms of the end result, Mormonism was a non-issue
  • I am obviously a democrat, and also obviously not a news analyst. Still, from where I sit, the stark differences between the parties have to do with the movement of the republican party. The Democrat party remains pretty much in the "middle" in terms of societal perspectives. I'm a left wing hippie chick. The democratic party is not "liberal" or "left" by most standards. When did mainstream become a bad word.
  • Finally (and this is where I hope not to offend many of my friends, but to explain on some level, maybe)..... As long as the Republican party is controlled by the religious right, there are many, many middle of the road folks like me who simply will not bite.  I'm a fiscally conservative democrat who votes independently, and voted for Republican candidates at the local level. But as long as the GOP has as part of it's platform the goal to limit the rights of women, gays and others, I cannot imagine that they will be able to win over those of us who may be undecided in other areas. As a woman of faith, Christian faith, I cannot imagine telling others how to live their lives, and I'm confused as to how other's think their faith gives them that privilege. THAT is why ( for example) libertarian women in Colorado all voted Democratic.
  • Oh, and one last thought: No more political commercials!!!!
Back to discussions of frugality and retirement in the morning folks. I need a nap after all this excitement.


  1. I am looking forward to our impending move to Colorado! LOVE that they finally legalized the ability to do whatever we want to our lungs in our old age. (No, this is not tongue in cheek.) Do you think hundreds of new old age places will open so people like my husband can move with little impact? :>) He has been waiting for this day since he returned from VietNam.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. LOL. Janette it will be interesting to how it all progresses. I do know that right now when it comes to the medicinal places there are more than there are starbucks and many of them look just as average. Of course I'm sure they'll find a way to tax it s other mainstream things. relocating there instead of here is looking better and better-but I don't in hale anything.

  3. Bravo. I totally agree with you on every statement.

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