Monday, December 31, 2012

Living Richly in Retirement-Looking Forward To January

Well, folks, welcome to January, the fiscal cliff, and..........continued illness.  Seriously, thank you everyone for your kind words. I am a little better today. My son gently suggested that I move past juice, tea, Vick's and cough syrup and go straight for the serious stuff-Theraflu. Perfect timing as I am now "juicy" as the used to say. What a difference!

As you can see from previous posts, I am a New Year's goal maker (not sure if resolutions is the right word). Most of my goals are long term and in general I have the same priorities from year to year. If necessary I can tweak or adjust those goals as needed. I'm always going to want to plan trips, only the location will change-for example.

I'm trying to divide my big yearly goals into some bit sized pieces. Obviously, unloading this house is a big goal, one that I'll address separately.  The same with decluttering and preparation. I have not put them as monthly goals because they are simply part of my daily routine.
  •  My first goal is to get more healthy. I know, I know, that's very general. A year ago, I lost seventy pounds and have only gained a few back. I lost that weight with minimal exercise (in fact in the summer when I am in the pool four an hour a day, I get hungry!!). My first baby step will be to move at least five days a week. Move as in exercise, I mean. Seated exercise, a walk, something. My second step for now will be to resume the volumetric portion of my diet. While this is probably worth an article on it's own, it's very simple. Before every non breakfast meal, I eat at least three cups of leafy vegetables, or I have a low calorie broth soup. When I first started my weigh loss journey, all I did was take this simple step and start moving to low fat items. I'll talk more about this later, but I'll say it her..........fiber folks, lots of fiber.
  • In terms of future planning, in January I want to make a metrics list of comparisons between Texas and Colorado. I also want to begin a stream of consciousness  thing where I write down everything I like to do and compare it to the two locations.  I intend to begin looking for temporary rentals in this area.
  • I want to make a tentative list of articles ideas on single retirement and frugal retirement living
  • I hope to begin on planning for one long road trip, as well as taking a day trip escape somewhere in January.
  • I have a sewing and crafts goal that I am still working on in terms of listings and gifting.
  • I want to fill in my calendar for the new year and make a list of all the appointments and such that I need to schedule.
  • Finally, there are somethings will not move with me, and I need to make a long list, take photographs and then go to craigslist or elsewhere.  I have a huge china cabinet for example, and two full dining tables.  I'm ready to let these go.
  • Try and come up with some kind of reading plan for book club books, mindless drivel and some meaty stuff in between.
Whew!!  Well, looking at that list, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, we shall see.  However, January is primarily inside weather (at least for this texas girl). Add that to plenty of football still, lots of reading and my Habitat fundraiser and I think that's gonna keep this frugal retiree plenty busy.

What about you?  Do you set annual goals? Are you a list maker?  And has ANYONE driven up the coast from San Diego to Vancouver?  This is my long term trip goal this year. Is it realistic?


  1. I am a list maker. I just looked at my list from last December 31. I have done most of those things and now realize I need a new goal. I was working to become a certified mediator, and now I are one. What's next?

  2. I am also a list maker. One of my favorite nights of the year is when my husband and I sit down (between Christmas and New Year's), and set our annual goals in terms of spending on major items, home repairs/remodeling, vacation, and savings. It makes me feel so efficient going into the new year.

  3. I make lists for little things, daily activities and such; but never made a list for the big things. Maybe that's why I'm stuck being a small timer. But in my opinion, anyone who can lose 70 lbs. (and only gain a few back) can do ANYTHING. So I'm sure 2013 will be productive and rewarding for you!

  4. Happy New Year, Barb!

    I've done the Pacific coast drive solo from Vancouver to San Diego a while ago... Beautiful scenery, and many places to see, highly recommended. I'd do it again when time allows.


  5. You're channeling parts of me in your list! I can't wait to see how you progress through the year, and best of luck to you. I agree with Tom, if you can lose 70 lbs, you really can do anything. Glad to hear you're feeling better.


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