Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting Closer (and a couple of bumps along the way)

Well folks, the time is almost here. One week from today I will be out of this house. I apologize in advance for the lack of comment moderation in the past week-I have now shared every one's comments.  Sometimes, life gets in the way, even with the Internet. A short turn around time, combined with some last minute medical tests has meant that I am running around trying to pack and or sell everything in my house in less than a week.

At this point I have sold everything I would like to sell except for my fridge.  I am scheduled to pack up my twenty two foot truck a week from today, and then sweep clean on the following Wednesday. The buyers will close on Wednesday, and me on Thursday.  They really seem to be in a hurry to get into this house. I asked to be a renter for a few days since we were having such a short closing and they turned me down flat. So at this point I am running around, scheduling bulk trash pickups and trying to find enough boxes to get everything into (the joy of moving yourself is that no one looks on you askance if you end up throwing your winter sweaters into a large trash bag for three days). 

I passed on to my Denver relatives the chore of choosing a good storage unit close to them.  After packing up and spending two days in the closing process, we will drive to Denver, and unload our things on Monday the eleventh. I will then aim to get settled in (along with college student and two dogs) into my sisters house for a month or so.  Bless her.

When it comes to downsizing, on one level I got rid of much less than I thought.  On another level I did get rid of a couple items I had thought to keep.  I will say here that when it comes to stuff (as opposed to furniture items), well, it's pretty well all here.  Barely enough to take to a the thrift shop, and certainly not enough to have a yard sale. I also got rid of one item by mistake (of course I will need a leaf blower/vacuum in Denver).  All in all I kept my stuff, and except for my bedroom (absolutely massive) the majority of my furniture:

Furntiure Sold: Dining Room Table (not the chairs), Two towers that go on each side of entertainment stand (not tv stand), three pieces of "blonde" wood furniture that matched nothing else, and my massive bedroom unit.

Furniture Kept:  large sectional, coffee tables, the big tv shand, tv stand, huge china cabinet, a rocking reclinesr and a single overstuff chair, the dining room chairs, and the kitchen table and sideboard.

I have a queen sized bed in my sisters home that I purchased for me, ill need a new dning room table, and my huge dresser will never fit anything else. other than that, dishes, glassware, linens and holida items, they are all going. And in truth, it's taken me longer to pack my sewing room in any other room in the house. And while Im not looking forward to packing the china cabinett, and have no idea where it will go, I adore the pi3ce so it's coming with momma.

In related news, we all have our ups and downs.  My darling daughter is taking me to a wine and painting party tomorrow! This is sort of her farewell to me as she stays in Dallas (a good reason for me to be going back and forth regularly). She is bringing the wine, and I am excited-what fun! Normally my creativity extends its self to fabric and similar mediums but I am looking forward to this evening bunches and bunches. So I plan to eat, drink and paint before hitting the road and my Mediterranean diet.

It also seems that I may be dealing with some last minute medical issues-as in trying to schedule tests before I go.  While I'll share more about this later, I have had tingling in one arm for a week or so.  Since I have a history of TIA, my doctor may request a brain scan or carotid scan through a neurologist to rule out a second issue. Other than the tingling I feel fine. I could have had another TIA (in which case my nightly aspirin may change to blood thinner). It could be a pinched nerve. It could be plain ole pain from abusing myself through packing and home improvements (a handicap means other body parts taking up the slack, in my case the arms and shoulders).

Of course, timing is everything and I am driving cross country in a week and a day. So not only do my dr and I need to try and figure the cause, we (he) also need to decide the logistics of the situation. Do I need to be fast tracked before I go, can I take a referral with me and find a new doctor when I get there?  I'll throw this all up, let it land on the doctor's lap and follow his reccommendations if physically possible.

And now, I am off to cook dinner, relax and perhaps even sew, and watch mindless drivel on television. In a day or so I'll have to pack my kitchen and rely on restaurant food for sustenance for awhile-let me enjoy it while I can!


  1. Thanks! I'm walking around the house talking to myself "we havent gotten far enough to day, this room should completely be packed"...........

  2. I'll keep you in my prayers. I go to a 6am mass this morning & will put you on our prayer list.

    I remember moving my mom......interesting experience, gave me much food for stories, but wasn't all that much fun at the time.

    Hang in there! You are close


  3. I wish you all the best in your journey(s), especially with the health. The rest is nothing without that one.

    Your strength and stamina impresses. I just smile and shake my head when I read your descriptions of the process.

    Once to Denver you'll sleep well and long.

    All fingers crossed for you,


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