Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In Praise of Technology, And Other News

As I type this I am sitting in a hotel room. A double queen, on the fourth floor, with a college student and two dogs and the attendant paraphanalia.  I've left my house, with my buyers closing to day and my closing tomorrow morning.  After a day of lunches and goodbyes, we will head to Denver on Friday morning. I have been through some creative packing and housecleaning the past couple of days, and my truck is jam packed.

For those interested, other than my massive bedroom set, very little was sold or downsized. I kept all my possessions, leaving behind the chaise portion of a three piece sectional, the aforementioned bedroom set and a very old patio set.. Everything is packed in cheek to jowl and opening the door could result in risk of life and limb. I'm still figuring out how to get my suitcases, two dogs. a sewing machine and all of my files into my Nissan Murano.

Being on the go as much I have been, I'm reminded that my so called "smart phone" is not only smart, it is worth it's weight in gold. While I am always looking to compare prices and make smart choices, this little tool is extremely important to life, at least mine! Please understand that I am not always connected to the internet, and that I am fully capable of going to dinner, a movie, take a hike, or spend time with family without using my phone.

On the other hand, in just the past week, I have been able (simply by clicking on an app), to see the start times of four different movies at the same theater when I was out and decided on a spur of the moment film. I was also able to access my email, and use two coupons for a free drink with medium popcorn. I was able to use another app and see where the lowest price for gas was in my general area (extremely helpful with a twenty gallon tank). By using my CVS, Kroger, Joannes crafts and Michales apps, I was able to get up to fifty percent off various needed items. As I was driving away from the house to do other urgent errands, I was able to take two photos and then place them on craigslist under the "free section" so that I could get someone to pick up these good usable items so that I would not have to trash them.

Admittedly not everything I do on my phone has immediate frugal benefits, and some of the things I do just make my life easier-frugal or not. However, I figure that working efficiently (be it for work, play, or financial reasons) generally makes good financial sense.  And I am the least logical, organized, or motivated person on the planet-or at least in my personal shpere.  Every day, no matter where I am, I can use my phone to track my calories (on my fitness pal), as well as my walking times even has I am walking. I can track my expenses, and take a credit card for immediate payment at any time in pament for services or quilts.  I have quilting calculator, so I can calculate exact yardage needed for quilts or other projects.

Many of the things I have done laterly could have been done on my desktop or lap top.  During this time, however, I seem to be spending a fair amount of time out of the house (be it on the road, in class or elsewhere) and appreciate the fact that I do not HAVE to wait that long on occasion. As I drive cross country, being able to have my phone to access the information I need is a godsend, let me tell you!

Meanwhile, I hope to be in Denver by Sunday and heading off on the next portion of my living richly in retirement journey. I'll be settling in with my sister, and exploring the greater Denver area. I've already begun planning a spring road trip. I've registered for an art class. I look forward to eating out (and eating in) more often with my family.  And, as always, I cannot wait to settle in and resume life in a much more low key way. I'm looking forward to quilting, sleeping late again, reading a few books a week,  and voluntering as part of my relaxed retirement routine. I am more than ready!


  1. Congratulations and good luck on your move!! I anxiously await your future posts about your new life.

  2. A new chapter and new adventures!! Be safe and God bless.

  3. Ah, yes, the organizational aspects of the hand phone. Once we get used to using them they acquire 'necessary' status. Have you tried posting from one?

    Best of luck getting all into the car. Dogs and/or college students should not be tied to the rear bumper because...

    The best,

  4. Congrats on being "on the move" Barb! It must feel good to be beginning the next part of you rich life in retirement, can't wait to hear all about it. Tess

  5. Congratulations Barb! You're really on your way to richly living your next retirement adventures! Tess

  6. Safe travels and Hooray to new experiences.

  7. You are on your adventure! how fun for you (well maybe a little more fun looking back, depending upon your serenity.)

    Good luck...thanks for taking the time to blog in the midst of everything.


  8. Safe journey Barb. Keep us up to date on your move.

    God bless.

  9. Too many years tethered to my Blackberry prior to retiring has cured me of any desire to continue same in retirement. I do, however, appreciate that YOU enjoy your SmartPhone, and honestly, isn't that all that matters anyway? I love when people are passionate about their lifestyle choices. It's those that complain about their choices that make me weary, not those that are happy with their choices.

    Have a wonderful driving trip. You must be over the moon with excitement. (I know I would be!)

  10. Michael, I have not posted a blog post, I have howeer, posted email responses and answers to comments from my phone. The car is, well......still there

  11. Tamara, I think it's different for folks who worked in a mobile fashin or was always on call. I used a paper planner and worked from a desk, with all my work primarily done through email. Im happy with my smart phone but I hate my deskk

  12. By now you're probably off on yet another adventure, but it all sounds very exciting. I'm sure there's some stress involved, but I hope you're enjoying every minute (and, honestly, it sounds like you are!).


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