Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Relaxing Weekend In Retirement

Sort of.....................

I've forgotten what house hunting can be like!!  I fell in love with my previous house because of the patio. However, I was one person who had no one else to consider and purchased a home bigger than I needed.  We are now two people searching together, and have specific requirements. This is not particularly a difficulty. That said, yesterday was actually the first day we went looking at houses-on the inside. The previous time was spent looking at outsides of houses and the areas involved.


 After our first four houses, we can see that we need to refine our list and be more specific in our needs. We need fairly large windows so that she has lots of light for her plants (which take up a room) for example, and I do not ever sew at night, only in natural light. Fortunately we are not in a rush, and have agreed that only one weekend day will be spend house hunting. We did see houses we liked yesterday, but one was a bit small and had this city easement and draining space right next to it......

I've also realized that I will be checking out the main floor, and my sister will be exploring the upper and lower levels (unless it is a tri-level). My doctor informed me stairs were OUT and I ignored him yesterday. Fortunately sis is savvy when it comes to looking at all the details. We are willing to consider two stories IF the first floor has a master bedroom and bath or the equivalent.

While I live in close quarters, I realize again that I have traded my previous patio for an equal and better version. My sister informed me yesterday that she was had bought less than half the plants she usually does, because she did not see any sense in investing more money when we would be moving. You be the judge (of course most of what you see are pots that can travel, as opposed to the front yard. I spend much of my day outside reading and enjoying the atmosphere.  My poor pup would like to get that squirrel, but this tree is so high, all he can do is hope.

I blogged elsewhere that I was changing my quilting business to make it more enjoyable. For me this has meant three things-only sewing when I want to sew, sewing what I like (with few exceptions) and limiting special orders. My experience is that I do much better at fairs and such when I have made things that I like and enjoy and enjoy talking about and playing with. I do take orders on "team" items as always.  This decision has freed up much of my retirement time and made my sewing more enjoyable.  I have made one decision that is more businesslike however, in that I will now be ordering all my supplies (hopefully) at a wholesale rate from the manufacturer. this gives me a much lower cost of doing business as well as lots of fabric to play with. This partially finished quilt is just for me. I had not realized when I photographed the quilt how much it blended in with the outside.

Although I am typing this blog quickly at nap time, I've kept fairly well to my commitment to not use technology on the weekends, especially Sunday.  That means today has been spent going to church, visiting with friends, relaxing on the patio, taking a nap.........and soon we will head out to dinner and then join America in watching the Toni Awards.  The one award show I truly enjoy. Meanwhile my San Antonio Spurs fan (son) has headed out to a local watering hole so that he can watch his sports in peace!

My family is on the search for the perfect shrimp burger recipe-something only those who have traveled the back roads of the Carolina low country can truly appreciate. Everything else is a poor imitation.  We'll start with the Pat Conroy cookbook and go from there. Also, in search of more summer food, I'll finally be getting that grill to replace the one I left in Texas. It was so well used that it was not worth putting on a "free" pile. The delay has been the debate between charcoal and propane.  The dual grills simply do not have enough room one a single side. So, the end result is a four burner gas grill and the commitment to get a small charcoal kettle sometime soon.  Bring on the skewers and smores.

We've been doing more talk about traveling, and I will be traveling to Texas through Santa Fe and environs sometime soon. Just trying to find the best time midst the house hunting.  My train trip is still on the radar, and all the talk of shrimp burgers have brought up the discussion of a trip to the Carolina coast.  It works for me.

And so it goes............tomorrow is another day!


  1. I hope you find the perfect house for the two of you.

    God bless.

  2. It's more fun to be buying a new house than selling the old one, isn't it?!? Love the quilt. And oh boy, that shrimp burger looks good too!

  3. You are a brave lady looking to share a house! Ha I love my sisters to death but it would never work for us.Ha Good luck on the shrimp burger recipe, there are so darn many around. The Carolinas are a wonderful place to visit, so much to see and do that doesn't even cost $$

  4. I still hope that you will be able to find the right place for you to feel at ease. Good luck with your search!


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