Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Changing Dynamics.....

It has been a very long week, and as I write this missive, I am smacking myself in the head for both dropping my digital camera and not keeping that receipt. Truthfully, I'm not sure that if I had the thing I would take photos at this point of the settling in process. The large dining room/den is full of boxes-call it a staging area if you will.  The unpacking process continues in the midst of normal life.  And, never to make things less complicated, the painting will take place after the unpacking-I had to have my stuff now!!  Soon I shall have some pictures of the messy process-albeit by smart phone!

Meanwhile, the dynamics of my life have changed-mainly in small ways, but there have been (and will be) a few large changes as well-other than the move itself. I figure this to be expected in any move.

For example, I had thought that my day to day lifestyle might have to change drastically. In fact, things remain mainly the same-party because my roommate sister’s dynamic is often different than mine.  Still in the workforce by choice, she leaves the house before seven, and returns after five.  I remain a slow starter who lets the dogs out and feeds them and then on some days returns to my bed with laptop, sketchbook and coke.  My daylight hours are interspersed with creative activities of all kinds and the occasional social and volunteer commitment. I have always been a “late diner", with the post dinner periods being down time/family time. This works well in my current situation. In the warm weather my sister works outside once she gets home, we eat late, and then the evening is spent reading, watching movies, conversing and having “together time”. 

In my last blog post I talked about exploring church and as before, I expect to have one or two weekly social/volunteer outlets outside of church and home-the perfect level for me. 

I find myself really enjoying my so called business streams even though (perhaps because) they are not as necessary to life. I am searching for different outlets for my creative projects (which have now extended beyond sewing and quilting to five or six different media). In fact, I've had some special orders from various non-online sources and in-person clients. I’ll be creating my own web page, attending craft fairs in many states (more and new travel opportunities), and selling through local artisan boutiques (which flourish here in Colorado. As if that is not enough, my son and I are about to launch an errand and odd job business , and I find I am enjoying many aspects of that, although he is the primary errand and odd job provider (we hope).  Who said work isn't fun??

After being without my own kitchen, I am thrilled to be back cooking (especially baking and preserving). I seem to have grown past the "thank heaven the nest is empty, I'm not cooking any more" phase-most of the time.

My travel dynamic has changed a great deal and I am overdue for some open road. Like Bob over at Satisfying Retirement, much of my previous travel planning revolved around the “get out of Dodge in the summertime" philosophy! My travel style remains traveling the open roads by car (rather than RV) with occasional train trips and the rare plane. What's changed in some cases are the destinations and more importantly, the time of year. Denver and Colorado are lovely during the summer, with most days ranging from 80 to 100 degrees.  This means that I'll be increasing my travel in the spring and fall, with my spring travel being more escapist and to the south (I enjoy winters, but am used to planting in April. I need warm springs). Denver is also more centrally located, meaning that more "short trips" are available to me, be they to Jackson Hole or Park City.

Meanwhile, daily life varies from those crazy busy days (like the day I made a baby quilt, worked in the garden, wrote two articles, and cooked gourmet dinner for six) to those days when I do absolutely nothing constructive (unless one can consider reading a novel in a day constructive).

As for today, well, today was an in between day.  Making room by room lists of needs is not always the most creative use of my day. On the other hand, the thought of a yellow bedroom instead of one the color of clay does brighten my horizons.  Oh, and who knew there were actually "streaming" flat screen televisions??  You definitely learn at least one new thing a day!

And now, off to those boxes!!

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  1. Glad to see you are settling it. As usual, you sure are busy! And yes, I do consider reading a novel constructive :)


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