Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finished Projects and Moving Plans

Well, it looks like we are down to the last two weeks of our waiting.  We've heard nothing negative from the lender, so I'll assume we are ready to go.  My sister continues to pack, and will talk to real tors this weekend about the best list price for her house. I am again grateful that she did not have to sell prior to moving, as this makes the process much easier. Her home can be staged after most of the stuff is moved out.  This weekend we tackle the job of cleaning out the carport garage that is now used as storage. I suspect there will be many "free" items on the side of the road.

It has been an exhausting journey and the process kept me close to home much longer than I had planned. What with the whole process, I probably will not be traveling until September. On the other hand, that may be the perfect time to visit Santa Fe and Texas hill country so all is well. I still have not chosen the dates for my train trip, although I have every thing else planned out!

Close quarters and packing have also limited my creative pursuits.  For crafters, sewers and artists (professional or otherwise), this is the "high season" of creations-be they gifts or items for sale.  I have fallen behind on the job, using a patio table and television tray as I am these days.  My Halloween houses have fallen by the wayside, although I have a complete sketch of the desired end result. I've ordered glass bead pumpkins, made dimensional witches, created steam punk letters to hang on the houses, and other ideas have surfaced.  I have requests based on the sketches alone. I'm just waiting for my studio set up so I can leave things out at length to try and cure.   

Fortunately I have managed to finish two sewing/quilting projects this week. I managed to finish table runners, one for sale and one for listing. I also made quick time sewing this baby quilt, even in close quarters, for a custom  client. It still needs binding and then will go off to a new baby.

 I continue to pull projects done in Dallas out to finish one at a time-it's time to think about Halloween, so this little gem will be next-and this one is mine!

I do have to say that I am loving the patio while I am here-knowing that it will take my sister a full year to recreate at the new location.  Having a courtyard oasis is not to be overvalued.  

I am looking to see my sister change this to that.  

Meanwhile, my weekend plans consist of another trip to the Renaissance fair to pick up some custom blown glasses and that pumpkin I mentioned way back.  This is my week to volunteer at the local shelter overnight. Between those two events and final packing and organizing this weekend it looking to be a hectic one.  I may  even need a nap and dinner out at some point!

Oh, and those glasses did not hold. On the spur of the moment I returned to the chain at which I purchased said glasses (well over three years ago). Lo and behold, they had the same frame. The feeling after paying seventy five dollars to have normal, well fitting glasses again?  Priceless!!

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  1. Glad to read that you are in the final countdown. Wishing you all the best on your move.

    Is your sister taking some of the container plants with her?

    God bless.


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