Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pumpkins (A food group in and of itself!)

I never (almost) by food magazines. The Internet is my friend. Pinterest, recipe blogs, recipe websites, magazine websites and even Yahoo groups dedicated to good food. At those to the two and a half shelves of cookbooks, and one would think that was enough-especially for a woman who likes to cook lazy style (with the exception of baking and preserving) and is by no means even close to a gourmet cook.  When I do buy magazines, they tend to relate more to art or travel.  Occasionally I make exceptions.

Last week was one of those times. My daughter in Dallas sent me a text (what did I do before smartphones?) letting me know that she (who does buy magazines) has just purchased the most recent Food Network Magazine.  Why, you may ask?  Because the cover of the magazine blazed  "50 Recipes with Canned Pumpkin".

I admit that I have a pumpkin fetish. Heck, I happen to think pumpkin should be it's own food group. I'm the girl that considers canned pumpkin a staple, right there next to diced tomatoes and vegetable broth.  As I've expanded my creativity repertoire into other products and arts, I've even considered oatmeal pumpkin soap as a cleanser.  Fear not though, I am not as extreme as some folks. I'm not likely to by pumpkin spiced whiskey or wine, or even pumpkin shampoo-although pumpkin spice balsamic vinegar has a nice sound to it.  I'll primarily stick to food products, thanks.

Oh, and I am not opposed to using real pumpkin and cooking it down, my roommate plans to grow pumpkins next year. When you no longer cut jack o lanterns or grow pumpkins on the vine, the canned puree is an acceptable alternative. Just sayin.

According to the experts, pumpkin is a "superfood".  I am the butt of jokes in my family because I don't eat squash of almost any form and yet I adore pumpkin (pureed though).It has a flavor that is unique and can be blended with other foods well.  Certainly, pumpkin is not just for dessert. One of the top twenty best meals I have had of all time (and we are talking lobster out of the ocean, bison, goose and other delicacies) is a nutty pumpkin ravioli with amaretto and nut cream sauce at Artin's restaurant. I have never seen it anywhere else.

My online recipe file now has a couple dozen pumpkin recipes.  Some of these I will make myself and some I will sm show to other family members. Already on the schedule are pumpkin waffles, peach and pumpkin soup, and pumpkin flan/creme caramel. I have now entered the pumpkin zone.

Oh, and apparently they now making pumpkin spice m and ms, as well as pumpkin Hershey's kisses.  I mean, who knew???


  1. Such a fun post Barb! I'm right there with you regarding pumpkin, and now is the time to stockpile all the yummy pumpkin treats, like pumpkin infused coffee beans, that Trader Joe brings out, because they never last long!

    I have a divine pumpkin lasagne recipe you might enjoy. Elegant, pretty and delicious, it's become my go-to special fall meal staple:

  2. I'm waiting patiently for Trader Joe's. Here in Colorado they have a (completely idiotic) rule. Only one of each chain can have alcohol anywhere in the state, except for 3.2 beer. So I will have to drive to yuppie Boulder to get my pumpkin fix.

    I've copied the lasagna recipe and will add it to the pile, Thanks.

    Truth be told I probably will try that pumpkin wine.

  3. If you get a fresh pumpkin, give this Smashed Pumpkin Soup a try:


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