Saturday, September 14, 2013

Remember That Drought???

For the past two years, Denver has been experiencing close to drought conditions. Wildfires made me concerned for my siblings, even though they did not reach the greater Denver area.  Even when I was here this summer, wildfires abounded. There were days when we had to close our windows because of the smoke.  It would seem that mother nature has decided to make up for the last ten years of no rain-with a vengeance.

As I am sure you have all read, Colorado is having a "hundred year rain".  We've received fourteen inches of rain in less than a week, in a state that usually gets two inches. We expect up to three inches this weekend.  So far we have been lucky in that the area of Denver we live in has gotten less rain than other places.  The entire CU Campus has been shut down, with a fair percentage of the unaccounted for believed to be students.  Rivers are cresting with the Platte expected to overflow this evening. Some towns have been completely cut off.  The entire community college Internet system is shut down, because basement servers were flooded.  Things have been very bad, with tomorrow expected to be worse. Today we have had about six hours of sunshine which has dried things out a bit, and allowed us to get outside.

It has been shocking for me to see  government "monster trucks" doing search and rescue in flooded areas.  I am also astounded at those folks who go out and walk and ride bikes in the fast currents.  I understand cabin fever and curiosity, but for Pete's sake let the professionals do their job and get your historical pictures from the press already.

Fortunately, I have had plenty to keep me amused, even during the deluge (note that I am not afraid of a nice calming rain, or the occasional afternoon shower, but this has gone way beyond that).  Hopefully my next blog post will be picture heavy, I just have not had a chance to download my camera today.  Now that I have been back in my own kitchen I have been baking daily (and freezing). Chocolate Chip Cookies, homemade angel food, streussel coffee cake. I've also been doing a great deal of cooking and now that the edge of heat is off, am dragging out my slow cooker.

I created a golfing quilt for a client, and finished a Halloween quilt that I will probably keep for myself. I finished my first funky Halloween house (and am now creating a series for sale), and I am in the process of painting letters and woodblocks for mantel gifts.  I have gotten most of my studio unpacked (still needing more shelving), and have made areas for sewing painting and crafting.

When the rain was abating, I checked out my local recreation center more fully. It has an arthritis aqua class (done in a 90 degree therapy pool), a seated aerobic exercise class, a crazy eight for water walking and all kinds of goodies.  I searched out my new library as well. In order to take advantage of post rainy weather, I have gone online exploring and chosen about five different fall drives-mostly in Colorado and a couple others further afield.  My quilting group, book ground and online art class have all kept me more than busy during this period.

I will say that I miss my covered patio, and need quality umbrella as soon as possible. That and a small restaurant style heater will be needed before winter. I am used to enjoying the patio year around and those two items will be needed to bring me into my comfort zone.

Finally, I received free concert tickets from my brother who did not realize that he had overextended himself (a dinner train trip held by SIL's work interfered with concert tickets). To that end, my sister and I are off to see David Bromberg this evening.  

Hopefully I wont need to float home in the car afterwards!!



  1. I live in Arizona, and our area is getting quite a bit of that rain also. Right now we are on flood watch for our local river. It's amazing the amount of people that are standing on the edge of it, watching to see if/when it will go over the banks!


  2. Stay DRY and enjoy that concert! Thanks for sharing!


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