Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween-Who Says It's Just For Kids

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For the past week, I have slowly been pulling out my Halloween decorations-and I do mean Halloween.  While many of my decor is simply "fall", much of what I pull out is Halloween in the truest sense. I have a Halloween quilt, pumpkins of all sizes, the glass pumpkin I ordered at the beginning of the summer, and all of my funky and steam punk Halloween houses, now ready to be listed and sold (and deserving of their own pictures in a separate blog post). 

My son tends to look askance at these efforts. He doesn't dislike Halloween as such, he just knows I am a teeny bit kooky when it comes to holidays in general and Halloween in particular.  Although I hate to bring it up in the current political climate, my children got green eggs and ham on the birthday of Dr. Seuss all through their childhood. And when I get out the pumpkin, ghost and witch hat cookie cutters (with no small children in site) and my cookie decorating supplies, he knows it's time to leave the room-or his cooking classes may include decorating with a size eight tip.

Some folks might say that the grownups have stolen this particular holiday. One the one hand children's celebrations have in some cases become more narrow, as parents limit their kids to trick or treating in malls and going to church or school events. On the other hand, while it used to be that one just carved a pumpkin and left it at that, there are now contests for the best decorated yard.  Although I certainly will not go that far, I do have an appreciation for the holiday, even or especially at my advanced middle age:

Halloween is a holiday that doesn't involve family.  I say that as a woman who loves and enjoys being with her extended family on a regular basis-for he most part.  Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are no traditional ideas about how to celebrate-no "but we do this every year".

It's a holiday that has to be experienced seasonally. Pumpkins aren't ripe until the fall, and until mid September folks are too caught up in back to school and patriotic holidays to jump into Halloween. This is in direct opposition to seeing Christmas decorations in Hobby Lobby some time around July fourth.  

For me at least, it's like the real beginning of fall. Even in Colorado, the weather is mainly warm in September and into October. While the leaves have changed in the mountains, on the front range the leaves have neither changed or fallen, and the colors change as Halloween arrives. Halloween helps divide the seasons. 

It's an excuse to celebrate how we want and with whom we want. Not only is it not a family celebration, for most of us there are few religious overtones.  Be it a dinner party or a costumed event.

Horror movies, and I'm not talking about Psycho or Rear Window. I'm talking about all the really funky, often hilarious B movies (sometimes with ten sequels that appear on Turner Network, AMC and the classic movie channels during this time period.

Pumpkin Ale, pumpkin flan, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin wine.

Candy, especially candy corn and pumpkins and those cute Hershey miniatures, Nuff said? 

Finally, having cute kids in costume knock on my door, and appreciating the one night when parents allow, and even encourage their children to beg from neighbors.  And knowing full well that at the end of the night, mom and dad will eat some of the good stuff, throw some stuff out, and put the rest away for the kids.

As for me?  I never dress up although I have dressed a few in my day.  This year it will be an electric pumpkin unless someone with better carving skills than I volunteer.  I have a Halloween quilt on the table, scary candlesticks on the side board and decorated Halloween houses everywhere.  Dinner will be pumpkin soup and hot dogs (not dressed up as fingernails), and the entertainment will be scary screams. 

Next week is my quilting group luncheon. I've only known these ladies  a couple months, and I plan to bring decorated sugar cookie witch hats, bats and pumpkins as my dessert contribution.  This is when I find out what they REALLY think of me!


  1. Barb, I love Halloween too and I get into it probably way more than I should. The tombstones and gargoyle will be set out this week to welcome/spook the kids. Sometimes I dress up, complete with makeup to hand out the treats - think I might be a Zombie this year. Glad to know someone as nutty as I am about Halloween!

    Your quilt is really cute.

  2. Great post Barb! Love the pictures, and may have to order that tea online as the stores don't have it.

  3. I like to decorate for the seasons as well. It's a way of honoring the seasons. It allows for decorations to be brought out and used. I think it contributes to a homey feeling. I've been known to carve pumpkins by myself when there wasn't a child within miles. And wouldn't that beautiful glass pumpkin and Halloween house look out of place on the Easter buffet?

  4. Sorry folks, the reply function on blogger seems to be out of whack this morning

    Suzanne: Thanks, I love the quilt. ...and I don't decorae outside nearly as much as I would like.

    VT: My stores do seem to have everything although ihave not looked for he ale yet.

    Mona: I think I've given up the carving part. I have easter houses and polish pottery bunnies and who knows what else for when Easter comes, heaven knows. Never saw a holiday I didn't like.

  5. I also LOVE Halloween! attribute that to growing up in Denver, & agree with you that Halloween symbolizes autumn. I have LOTS of Halloween & fall decorations, even here in California, but I don't carve anymore. I actually never did; I kept getting cut.

    Enjoy & I hope to see more pictures


  6. Pumpkins are nice; the decorations are fun; the kids are cute. But for me, it's really all about the candy ... the one day a year when you can splurge and not feel guilty. Did I say day? B bought some candy over the wknd., and I can guarantee the supply will need replenishing before Oct. 31.

    1. A fellow blogger confessed today that she brought candy on sale and with coupons-and promptly took it over to her neighbor to hide

  7. I do not get any kids at all in my neighborhood but I love Halloween colors and the motifs.

  8. Halloween brings out the kid in me, every year I wear costume while I hand out candies to the children who knocks at our door. This year me and my daughter will wear a Gothic doll costume, the dressmaking fabrics we need for the costume is all set.


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