Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas in the City, and Into the Final Stretch

As always happens, the week before Christmas tends to be the fullest (even in a happily downsized Christmas).  The past week included:

  • A drive around town to see the lights.  There are no pictures because I was the driver and because everyone else was so busy ohhing and ahhing.  There was a large brown brick house completely decorated as a gingerbread house, a Santa's workshop with all that implies and too many others to mention.  I love seeing the houses, but I'm not likely to participate, both through laziness and the unwillingness to deal with those power bills.
  • I spent a day downtown. Denver has a free bus that goes up and down the sixteenth street mall to all the sights and stores. It makes it easy to park and ride, if you will.  As much as I was jonesing for my German Christmas markets I had to make a trip to the local mini-market that is held in downtown Denver. It's only a block long but I still got my fill of roasted nuts, German marzipan, beer, wood from the Black Forest (where my nativity set comes from, or of them) as well as lots of German music. Hopefully next year will include about ten different German Christmas markets-in real time.

  • I've bee going to church in the evening instead of the morning. My church has instituted a new service in the evening. This service is done in candle light and includes Gregorian chants and ten to fifteen minutes meditation as part of the service. Amazing how many Christmas songs are from those centuries. 
  • Christmas baking has begun in earnest-three different families making specialties.  My brother has made nut balls and gingerbread and peanut butter and sugar cookies. I've made sugar cookies, chocolate chip, brown sugar short bread, eggnog cookies and sugar cookies. I'm trying to decide whether I have time to add an orange and candied ginger cookie to the pot. My sister makes Parisian wafers and candy canes.  Whew!!

  • I decided I need a couple last minute gifts to my Christmas pot. In addition to coasters, I'm going to head out and get some lavender and stocking stuffers-the lavender will turn into a couple sets of sachets. Add those to my coasters, quilts and other gifts, and I'm done for the holiday.
  • All that means that today is the day to finish baking and food gifts, and sew if time.  Tomorrow in the morning there will be some last minute shopping, a trip to drop of contributions for a homeless shelter Christmas. Otherwise, it will be time to relax and sew until Christmas Eve church.  Wednesday is prime rib and Yorkshire pudding and gifts and eggnog.  Happy Christmas All!

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  1. Sounds lovely! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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