Friday, December 27, 2013

Living Richly In Retirement-Looking to the New Year

After a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day, I've spent most of my day relaxing, and digesting the huge amounts of rare red meat I have eaten in the past few day. I forced myself to talk a walk . Dinner is salmon and rice (a break from standing rib and Yorkshire pudding) and some of the gazillion cookies still left post holiday. Christmas was wonderful AND relaxing-the way it should be. I now have new clothes, perfume, and books. Some of the basic necessities of life, after all.

For the past few weeks I have been looking forward to the new year. As a mentioned awhile back I am a rough planner-a real seat of my pants person. I go with the flow ad there are few "musts" in my retirement life. I like to take life as it comes.  Sill, a bit of planning is helpful. especially as I move forward in new surroundings. To that end, I've made a list of goals for the first third (to perhaps half) of the year. Everyone's categories or planning methods are different. My areas of accent, for lack of a better word are below. in some cases it's difficult to categorize-my sewing business is a passion but I put it under financial goals for example:

  • Spiritual Goals:
    •  I NEED to find two times a day for prayer, meditation, and time simply to sit and listen. I do this once a day now, but I want to take this to two times a day.
    •  Also, in addition to church, I need to find a weekly bible study or book group.
    •  I want to continue to make Sunday a completely down day as much as possible-and technology free.
  • Family/Home goals
    • Get my son into his own place by September, even if this requires some financial help from me. Encourage him to be out of this house as much as possible. This is past the third year mark, but most of the work needs to be done in the near future.
    • Schedule specific times to go visit family in Texas, especially my daughter and her partner and my husbands parents who are in their mid to late eighties.
    •  Encourage son to make a conscious effort to communicate regularly with grandparents from afar.
    • Spend time working on this house. Yes, I moved because I was not a do it yourself type. But I can help with the planning of the landscaping and go back into traditional homemaker mode up to a point, with joy.
  • Physical Goals:
    • Eat three meals a day. Yes, I know, I know, but I tend to get distracted and then be starving an hour before dinner or eat whatever is lying around. Even if I am off on an adventure, I need to take food with me so I eat at regular intervals.
    • Stretch every day and move at least five times a week. I'm not promising to sweat, or even raise my heart rate to acceptable levels daily. My goal is simply to walk (in the water or out) for about half an hour minimum daily, and consider inserting yoga into the mix.
    • Do everything I need to do physical and appointment wise. This means the dreaded colonoscopy, an eye exam and new glasses...boring but necessary stuff.
    • Treat my body the way it needs to be treated. Recognize when it is telling me to sit and put my knee up or slow down. If it says sleep until nine, so so.
  • Financial (and Business Goals)-I see the two as interconnected
    • Once my son is an instate student (after January), keep two hundred dollars completely not budgeted-this is after savings and all other expenses. Call it spontaneity money, if you will.
    • Revamp the sewing business, so that I sell directly to shops and through fairs, not through online sources. Start teaching classes in sewing and knitting.
    • Work in expanding the errand business and odd job business my son and I have started. Up to now it has been an afterthought and since he wants to expand it, now is the time to be intensive.
  • Personal/Mental/Creative
    • Take that trip to the California coast by train, and get at least one good gulf coast visit in during my trips to Texas.  Look at a beach location. Explore the local area from Jackson Hole onward.
    • Try an Osher lifelong learning class. See if it can compare to the multi age regular college classes that I take (and cost more)
    • Take a class in welding or a fiber arts class
    • Tale a writing class
    • Leave at least a quarter of every day unscheduled or planned in order to allow me to move as the spirit calls.
    • At a minimum, plan for one "cultural" activity a month, be it a concert or something else, aside from the other things I do.
    • Arrange my studio/workroom so that whether it's drawing, sewing or writing, all I have to do is sit down and get to it.
  • Social/Community involvement 
    • Find an intensive volunteer commitment for at least half a day every single week that involves working directly WITH those in need, one to one if possible.
    • Schedule a minimum of one social activity per week that is church or family related, be it a meet up or book or movie group
    • Explore my new town and environs-libraries, rec centers, parks, town center and the like.
There you have it-my off the cuff lifestyle goals for the next four months of my rich retirement. I'm sure there are things I neglected to put down that will happen as part of my lifestyle (I don't need to list reading on my goals as I spend way to much time with books as it is), and things that I will still add.

As also mentioned awhile back, I have not done the budget to adjust for these goals. I work backwards in this area. I'll be working on the budget for my rich yet frugal retirement over the weekend, and hope to have as much of a final plan as this unorganized gal can manage next week. 

Meanwhile, I plan to use a movie gift card I received to go see the Hobbit movie or American Hustle (I saw Gravity in 3D this past week-scary). I have to figure out how to use up leftover prime rib, pork shoulder roast and salmon and bring my fridge back to zero. I want to have the costs and rough schedule for my two trips sometime next week even though they will not take place until the spring. And while I have not done any post holiday shopping per se, next week I intend to spend some intensive time checking out sales and deals to to fulfill my cheapskate needs.

Happy weekend, one and all!


  1. I'm impressed by your ambitious goals; and it sounds like the business with your son will help out in some of your other goals as well. I want to see Am. Hustle, too, even though I've heard it's not that good, but it has a remarkable cast, so it's gotta be at least okay. But first ... you've inspired me to work on some of my own goals for 2014!

    1. Tom, I go by where it has a ninety four approval rating, and almost everyone of the cast have bee nominated for awards already, so Iexpect it to be great!!

  2. I always enjoy reading about other people's goals, even, or especially, they are different from my own. It's very motivating, and often gives me ideas on what to do myself. Case in point would be your goal of increasing meditation. I keep putting this one off, but the older I get the more important I realize it is. Like you, I recognize the value of doing it not just in the morning, but also in the evening when the craziness of the day has built up in my brain. OK, this one is going on my list too!

    1. Good for you. I usually do one first thing in the morning and then in the afternoon before dinner.

  3. So many great goals!! I need to work on some of the same things, Barb!! I bought myself a new "Bible in a Year" bible to help me acheive one of my goals as my other Bible is a study Bible and I always get "sidetracked" with it. *blush* Same as eating... I rarely get in 3 meals a day... so i'm with you there!! Good luck! :)

    1. I do most of the time but I have to remind myself to do so daily. I need to study the bible in a group rather than on my own...

  4. Love love your goals! I have had a weight loss blog that i pretty much ignored (weight going up instead of down) and am contemplating a new blog. I work part time as a social worker and don't ever want to retire but I want to be more productive with my free time!

    1. Nan, I honestly have absolutely no idea how I ever managed to work a real job. I generally have more projects than I have time. right now I am only trying to eat right and exercise, no weight loss involved. Works better for me! thanks so much for stopping by!

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  7. I like the heading for your goals, I think I will do something similar. Thanks for the inspirat

  8. Barb, I spent the day "organizing" the fridge. Food has been repackaged and frozen with very little discarded with the remainder going into a pot of soup. It feels good to see some empty space in the fridge again. There were fewer leftovers this year. Just as we've been downsizing the gift-giving, we've also managed to downsize the meal preparations. I'm glad for that. Your goal setting is inspirational to me. I haven't thought past February. My intentions for the next few months are to read and scrapbook, in addition to the day-to-day things I usually do.

    1. Reading is good. I never include it as a goal because I tend to spend LOTS of time reading, lol

  9. Still working on my goals here Barb, but I hope to have as comprehensive a list. Love the headings!!!

    God bless.

  10. Great goals, very clearly expressed.


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