Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits-This Week In Retirement

This week in retirement I am:
  • First and foremost enjoying the fact that the weather in Denver is better than the weather in Dallas, New Orleans, Nashville and almost everyplace south and east of us.
  • Preparing to do my annual comparison of all expenses from car insurance onward. I do this every year, doing most of my research online and a comparison tool.  My smart phone is under a contract system, but I will look at alternative sin that area as well, to see how much I can lower expenses where I can.
  • Diving into my Coursera course on Roman Architecture that I am taking through Yale.  I have a lot to catch up on as the course is now in week three!  After some thought I decided to see how I will do with a free online course. It's a different perspective than taking a classroom course, but so far I am enjoying it. I start a class on Beethoven's Piano Sonatas in March. If I enjoy learning this way, I'll probably continue taking one course at a time, while also taking in class courses. These free courses are a great value and I'm glad I found them.
  • Taking on a new volunteer gig. My church has decided that rather than just hosting a group of women one night a week as part of a rotating system, we want to step into the area of a permanent solution, where women can feel secure and have a permanent place. To that end, we will be spending time at another permanent long term shelter where a group of women currently live. A place where they get support and education and have double or single bedrooms.  My job will be to coordinate activities twice a month, be they skills training or just a craft night.
  •  Not do do things by half, I've also volunteered (at another church-yes, I attend two churches) to be the coordinator for Congressional care-that is serving the needs of church members when they need help. As I do travel and have other obligations a large part of this one will of course be recruitment.
  • Preparing to put these three paint samples on my wall so I can get rid of the hideous pewter color that is currently there. I am thinking that I may need to paint a section white first to see how the colors really look (or use some large newsprint.  I'm waiting on for a sale on the paint since I know that I need two gallons and will need the "low fume" type of paint.  As I cannot physically meet the requirements to self paint, my sister and son will paint, and I will bake and quilt in return. Free is always good. 

  • Finishing up some artwork that I had put aside prior to my move last year - a collage to acrylic painting and some multi-media collages that I barely started.  I have a plan for the sewing themed collage series on my wall.
  • Sewing and Quilting, as always-making a quick holiday throw, a baby quilt and sewing a group of gardening aprons with matching arm covers and hats.  Oh, and trying to teach myself how to knit. I had thought about taking a knitting class. Then as often happens, I found a large knitting group that said it was for all skill levels. This group meets in my local independently owned book store, on the huge comfy chairs by the coffee shop. Socialization, new friends, coffee and a new skill.

  • Upping the effort on my online earning efforts. For the most part this type of stuff takes an hour a day, although I have recently had some real finds that I am altering and decorating in order to resell on Craigslist. I'll never be the gal from Storage Wars Texas, but if I can re purpose something and make a little money in the process, great. As with most of my hobbies and enjoyments, they can go with me when I travel, in this modern age.
  • Getting serious about a book about Living Richly in Retirement, trying to work on a chapter a week, which may be too stringent a goal. 
  • And finally, I'm planning for a Superbowl party this weekend. My normal exploration day for this week will get put aside in order to get up and spend an entire day on food and football.  What does your week in retirement stack up to be this week??


  1. Barb, congratulations on your new volunteer gig at the women's shelter. I'm sure you will get much pleasure from that experience and help those who are in need.

    It just so happens that I have a post out today about being homeless and how to treat them. You might want to take a look.

    I am inspired by your eagerness to get involved in your new community.

    1. Thanks I will stop by and check it out.

  2. Barb, it all sounds really wonderful and interesting. I so enjoy reading about passion filled retirements!

    My daughter took up knitting years ago, and knits beautifully at this point. She's been trying to get me to take it up, and you've inspired me to look for a sit n knit group in my area.

    1. We'll see how I do. I took it up because I couldn't find the exact color of infinity scarf that I wanted. I may have to take up sewing clothing again. When you wear colors like turquoise and cream and yellow and lime, it can be a pain to find anything you like half the year! I really enjoy the knitting and I LOVE my local independent bookstore.

  3. Is the website for the free classes "Coursera?" I want to take some music appreciation classes but our local college doesn't offer much of the classics... Love your volunteer activities with the women in the shelter!!

  4. Yes, if you just type in Coursera it should come up. Classes are intereactive (mainly) and Have a starting date and an ending date (which varies). Also do check out MIT open courseware. It is not interactive but they have many, many music appreciation courses.

  5. I'm so happy that you have started on the book! Since retiring after 43 years of teaching in June, I have begun knitting again and love it. Check out the Ravelry website for lots of free patterns and ideas. Thanks, again, for such a wonderful blog.

  6. Barb,
    Get a small can of Kilz and paint a swatch on the wall, then add your color choices. It it the best product on the market for ensuring true color. I painted over a candy apple red wall with the stuff and then changed the color to beige. You'd never know it was once red.

  7. Thanks, never heard of that product but I will definitely have to try it!!

  8. Barb, you have had an interesting and full week. I think that you will enjoy knitting. I love being able to knit my own hats, scarves, mitts, and clothing items in the colours that I want.

    God bless.


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