Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Well Hello There, Superbowl!

Warning! Readers who hate football, who never watch football, or think that football is a destructive sport and hobby may want to skip this particular missive,.You have been warned!!

Yes, the Broncos are going to the Superbowl! We are all ecstatic here.  It was a great game, defeat could not have happened to a nicer team and all that. My other two housemates are down with type A flu but managed to rouse themselves for the game and it was well worth it. No last minute hi jinx, fairly good officiating and a huge celebration afterwards. Now onto New York!!

The weather was absolutely beautiful for the game here in Denver. It was sixty five at game time and the patio door was wide open for quite awhile.  We almost thought about grilling , but them decided to keep with our cheese balls, Queso and chili. It's tradition, after all.  

Orange crush mania is at an all time high. My daughter in Dallas wants a shirt. I went into sports authority yesterday and walked back out. We'll either get them later on or order them online, it was insane.  I don't generally have manicures because I keep my fingernails short due to my hobbies. I do get pedicures, and I believe I may need to get one in blue and orange, if I do say so myself.

For those who are wondering, I did live in Washington DC for many years, and followed the Redskins during their heydays (before the worse owner in football bought the 'skins".  My husband was raised in Denver, however, and all of my siblings live here, so this has been a team I have always followed. The final push to Broncos fandom though is my son.  For whatever reason, he has loved Peyton Manning since he watched him in college (we are football fanatics in this house, and football is on Saturday and Sundays when we are home).  He became a Colts fan because that's where Peyton went, and was both upset when he was let go and thrilled when he came to Denver. He doesn't need a jersey, he's happy to wear the blue one he's had for years!!

So this week, we thrill in the mania, and next week we get ready for the Superbowl party.  Now, how many foods can I come up with that are actually edible and blue and/or orange???

The following memes are courtesy of the Dallas Denver Broncos fans Facebook page, with apologies to my friends from Seattle or Boston-no violence, please!!!


  1. We Indy fans are rooting for Peyton to win a Super Bowl in Eli's house.

    1. Yea, especially since Eli won one of his in Indy

  2. And we are happy here in Seattle too! It's on, Barb!


  3. Harvey is so excited (not me so much). His two favorite teams are in. Now he has a problem. He needs to choose one team to cheer for.

    God bless.


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