Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Road To Nowhere-This Week In Retirement

What's been happening this week in the Living Richly In Retirement zone:
  • The above mentioned route is the only completely paved road that goes from where the southern most part of the country meets Mexico to Canada-and is also known as US 83. I've slowly been planning my drive north this summer.  As many of you know, I am not a destination vacationer-I am a "look, that looks cool, let's turn off the highway kind of gal.  I COULD get from Denver to the Mount Rushmore area going straight north. Instead I've been sketching out a route that involves driving into Kansas, and hopping the Road to Nowhere north. I'll drive through the chalk pyramids of Kansas, checkout the sand dunes and Buffalo Bill in Nebraska, and maybe hit the Fort Niobrara wildlife refuge. In South Dakota I'll hit Fort Pierre and Wall drug before heading west to Mount Rushmore and Wounded Knee. More to come on this later
  • In anticipation of spring, this week I am hitting the huge lawn and garden show at the convention center. This is one of those types of places where the cost of entry is completely offset.  The show is filled with all kinds of ideas-sure much of the show is vendor area, but the best ideas are often found in their displays, and I regularly come home thinking that "I could do that myself" and usually can.  Also, we've decided that our two large home expenses coming up are a large basement egress window with a window seat inside, and some portable green house alternatives. 
  • It's restaurant week in Denver. This means that every expensive restaurant has a Prix Fixe menu of thirty dollars per person. It's a chance to sample some expensive restaurants at about half the price (sometimes less). They also have two weeks of restaurant week again in August, so I always put aside enough to go to one gourmet restaurant in Denver each week. In this case I'm looking forward to Buffalo marinaded sirloin and marinaded Quail. Or maybe some classic French! This is why I keep my budget as close to $50 weekly for home eating, folks!
  • I'm continuing to love my various meetup groups.  Knitting at my local bookstore and coffee bar, quilting, my book group....all are easy and creative ways to socialise and cost nothing more than the cost of my current project (and the occasional hot chocolate). A couple of my meetups are all day events, in which case we each pack our coolers-I'll be bringing green shamrock cookies to the next event.
  • I continue to rely on my "Doing Denver For Less Website" for free and cheap activities for those times when I am searching, as well as local entertainment-my community theater where you can volunteer and watch for free, for example. It seems that my son may be painting sets for the next play, and I'm looking forward to the Faculty Jazz Concert and Denver University.
  • I'm working on my self directed MIT Course online class on music since 1960-self timed and completely free except for a few music downloads (which I could very possibly find in the library).  After reading another blogger's review, I've decided to take a second course through Open2Study called The Art Of Drawing and Painting. While I like interactive courses I am not great at the chatting with other students online.
  • I'm attempting to split my exercising into three different periods-walking two days a week, doing chair exercises two days a week and hitting the therapy pool at least once and maybe twice a week. Along with that I have been studying treating the knee on my own-using supplements, doing knee massage, and so on. I'll share all that at a later date, but just mention here that giving up gluten has not been part of my program.
  • I have completely redone my studio-literally moving every table, desk, shelf and box. Unfortunately now that all has to be put back in place. I took a before pic, I'll take a mid redecorating pic(if I am brave) and I'll share the final results!
  • As a team leader I am preparing for my upcoming training for working with the homeless women. My team will have one day and one evening when we will be working with the women.  Our day will be spent teaching life skills (all of these women are either physically or mentally challenged) and our night will include cooking and an activity. Since our first night is 18 April (two days before Easter Sunday), half of our planning session is already done.
  • I continue with my annual "price lowering comparison" project. Usually I do this in January, but have been running behind on these things
  • And finally, I have been continuing to eat really well, very cheaply. I don't know if people are really interested in knowing what I have been buying this week and what we eat, but perhaps I will start two Friday/Saturday blog articles, with one being what I buy and what we eat (rarely the same thing except for salad and fruit).  What do you think?
And so it goes, this week in retirement!


  1. I enjoy seeing other people's menus and grocery lists especially when they are eating well on less $!! I just signed up for a Coursera Classical music class online.

    Restaurant week sounds yummy!

    1. Yes, It does, we only have one outing planned this week, but I think in August we will hit quite a few (when I can sit out on the patio)

  2. Yes! Please write about your menus.

    1. I'll probably do that on Saturday and then ever week or so.

  3. Yes, I enjoy other peoples menus. I do mine occasionally on my blog but always keep a menu. Usually a month in advance.

  4. I probably will sometime tomorrow. Although I dont do menus. We eat from the pantry depending on what we have that was bought on sale.

  5. Doing Denver for Less sounds like a great website -- there should be one for every major city in America. As for doing dinner for less ... I like the idea!


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