Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things I'm Loving This Week In Retirement-And a Few I'm not...........

Retirement, as with much of life, is full of good things-with a few small aggravations along the way.

In my plus column this week:

  • I'm loving the fact that spring is mainly here. Yes, there may be a couple of small bumps on that horizon (77 on Friday, 38 on Sunday and 70 again on Monday), and I can't be sure we've seen the last nightly freeze, but I've begun digging out those shorts and crop pants and it's time for the feet to become sandal worthy.
  • I'm loving the creativity and relaxation.  Yesterday I dragged out my knitting and enjoyed three hours of relaxation at my local independent book shop with a great group of gals-comfy chairs, large tables and feet up, with no topics of the table. I also loved the last hour and a half spent on the patio for the local happy hour, with my Merlot and nachos!  I've read two recent articles/studies that showed crafting increases brain health!
  • I'm loving getting ready for Easter-pulling out the hand decorated Easter eggs for the tree, grabbing the Easter baskets for everyone. What can I say, we're all kids at heart. I have, however, resisted purchasing any peeps to date. 
  • I loving (but a big nervous) getting ready for my first dinner and activity for my local women's transition shelter.  I'm the first, so this will be a learning experience.  Meanwhile I'm making barbecue beef and piles of Easter shaped sugar cookies for decorating as well. 
  • Believe it or not, I'm loving my web researching gigs. They take up a few hours of my morning, and for the last couple of days I have been researching topics about which I know not a great deal apart, making this a learning experience.  Real time bidding ad exchanges?  A totally new concept for me. 
  • I'm loving my decision to allow myself to sleep during the day-whenever I feel like it. I'm generally up till between one and two and up again at eight-without necessarily sleeping all that time. Except for the days that I have afternoon plans, I'm fitting a nap in there - every day, without guilt 
  • I'm loving my decision to start reserving a weekday for exploring and checking out the area-even if that means there is "work" to makeup on Saturday or Sunday. the ability to do things on weekdays with less crowds is so refreshing.
  • Finally, even though I have to baby knees and hands sometimes, and even though I miss the heat enough that next year I may become a snowbird for two months, and even though my daughter is now twelve hours away (she was once an ocean away for a full seven years!) and I miss my women's group, I am a bit past my one year anniversary of moving. Which means I am loving this choice and wondering why it wasn't made earlier.
 Overall, life obviously is good.  But into every life a few aggravations must fall, and since I've again been accused of being too happy, here are my unloved things this week:
  • My smooth stop stove. Arrrgggggh. Owning a house requires priorities and this one may have to wait, but I simply do not get the attraction. A regular stove, please, now!!  If you have one a swear by it, please do not try to convince me. I was raised on gas and that is my first choice (have to check the gas lines). If not, give me good old fashioned electric, even if I have to lift up the top and clean out crumbs.  And as for canning and preserving?  I have to buy a whole new set of everything it would seem.
  • The four year follow up Colonoscopy I'm having on Monday. Yea, I know, this is a Good Thing, in theory. Still, I'm not lovin' it.
  • My front tree may become a love hate situation. I love that its large, pretty and gives much shade and beauty to the front yard. I hate that our last wet snow took of a HUGE branch and has left the tree uneven. I'm not sure how I feel about it being a crab apple-last year we had a late freeze and no apples.  I'll try and post before and after pictures soon-I am long overdue for some serious photo blogposts.
And so it goes, this week in retirement!


  1. Barb, I hope to enjoy many of the activities you do, once we are unpacked and settled..we began our retirement with a BIG MOVE! I especially want to get busy in some volunteer activity, hopefully something that benefits women,children,families.

    AGREE: HATE flat top stoves!! Had one in last house and switched it over to gas (not cheap-) now the mountain house has an older electric which actually is working really well! I'll take ANYTHING but those flat tops!!!!!!

    Naps:I take one almost every afternoon!

    Thanks for blogging!!

  2. Things I'm loving this week in retirement: what a great title for you blog. It's one of the things I'm loving this week in retirement awa warm weather that allows me to shed winter clothing and open windows; pussy willows and geese - another sure sign of spring and the promise of a new season; the ice starting to break up on the North Saskatchewan River; longer daylight hours; exploring back roads with friends.

  3. I'm with you on the smooth top stove.
    The top got chipped on my first one. I called the repair guy who waltzed into my house and opened the cupboard door above my stove announcing that if I had any cans in there he couldn't replace it under warranty because it was likely a can had fallen on it. Yikes! Lucky for me, all he found was cereal boxes. At the time I had elementary school children and my suspicion is that someone was standing on the counter (when I wasn't around) and dropped something. I didn't suggest that to the repair fellow, but I never liked the stove after that. We acquired another one with another house and I avoided breaking the top, but hate that if a pan boils over, a not uncommon situation, the whole top is wet and sometimes drips.

    My hint is when you bring groceries home don't go plopping bags with heavy things on the surface.

  4. I don't love smooth top stoves either.

    The first thing that happened to mine was that it chipped. When I called the repairman the first thing he did was open my cupboard above the stove saying that if he found cans he couldn't replace it under warranty because it was likely a can had fallen on it. All he found was cereal boxes so I got the top replaced under warranty, but it left me so pissed off I never liked that stove again. When we remodeled I got gas.

    My warning is: don't plop grocery bags down on the stovetop if they've got cans or bottles in them. The top is not as tough as you'd think.

    1. Good warning! I do try to avoid that one! thanks for stopping by and I apologize for being so late on posting this week and commenting as well


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