Saturday, July 26, 2014

This Week in Retirement-Low Spend, High Return

It's Saturday morning and I'm sitting in my favorite blue chair looking out the window. My quick and dirty trip to Texas to see my daughter and widows group is over. I'll be happy to take a longer one in the fall, but mid July was not the best time to visit Texas.  On the 8th of August I'll be heading out for a week in Santa Fe.  Meanwhile, my past week has been mainly spent close to home, and yet full and rewarding.  After driving twelve hours in a day, and injuring my foot somewhere down the line, I was ready for some laid back time.  Even dialing the energy way back, this week has been both relaxing and rewarding in full.

On Tuesday, I started a free online mini class through craftsy in figure drawling and then plan to take a for fee class in drawing with colored pencils. These will be my first in person  art classes. I've taken some painting and design classes and realized that I probably need some basic drawing classes before I move further along. I'm used to take in person classes, but the advantage of these online classes that I work at my own pace and can go back and look at the class again.  I also started a new kindle book, and walked as much as I was able (yes, that's all bruising, not dirt....don't ask). Dinner was some quickly grilled meat, with salad and bread from items on and, with more reading and meditating on the patio.

Wednesday, as I always do when I am home I went to my weekly knitting group that meets in our locally owned bookstore.  For three to four hours we knit, share ideas, talk and visit and then we head over to happy hour, were wine and appetizers at discount prices are on the menu.  We've also decided to meet in the evening once or twice a month for other craft projects such as card making and painted stemware. Dinner afterwards was a casual roasted chicken with sides from what was on hand. My summer food shopping technique is to have grillable meats, and a basic fridge and freezer full of easy to throw together items to have with-this includes frozen breads, fresh salad items, cut vegetables to have with dip, corn, and fresh fruit.  If someone feels like it we may make a pasta or potato salad, but with a well stocked fridge and pantry we can eat at the spur of the moment.  My walking was still minimal and I am not jumping in the pool until the foot is entirely healed, so some seated yoga and elevation was in order.

Thursday I started a second and third book (one on canning and gourmet food gifts and one a detective novel). I spent the first half of the day in my studio making a quilt (need to get some pictures edited). The second half of the day I puttered around the house (something at which I excel). My puttering included some working on the patio, organizing of my studio and office, a brief baking spurt,among other endeavours.  I also added a very short walk and some meditative time on the patio.  My evening was spent watching the large TV screen, catching up on recordings of the Bridge and Murder in the First (which for some reason reminds me of the old two season TV show Murder One, which I now want to see again!).

Yesterday was my "busy" day in this laid back week.  After a book group, I went to the dermatologist and had a spot on my face "frozen".  I then returned home to get my cooking on.  Once a month I cook and plan an activity for a residential women's shelter for women with physical and mental issues.  They
had asked for taco salad (the rest of the time they get shipped in food that is mainly canned or frozen and reheated).  I adjusted and made a taco salad casserole, with chips underneath, the meat and refried beans cooked together, and topped with onion, tomato, olives, lettuce and cheese.  It was a success and so good that Ill make two smaller versions for home, one to freeze.  Our fun for the night was playing bingo, with lots of free prizes from the mail!

Since I try not to go out amongst the shoppers and tourists on Saturday, today will be spent relaxing on the patio with the books and drawing materials, and doing the necessities of life such as laundry, dusting and vacuuming. Tomorrow I'll go to church and take a leisurely Sunday drive.

Next week, my energy will be up a bit more. I plan to go and see Chihuly at the Botanical gardens, visit the Irish Festival, get ready for my yard sale next Saturday,and finalize my Santa Fe plans.  This in addition to drawing, reading, sewing, quilting and enjoying summer to the fullest-even at my slow, relaxed 

And now I'm off to finish that sewing project, if I can just motivate myself to get up!!


  1. Ouch Barb, your foot looks very painful. Let us know how you like the craftsy class as so many times I am tempted to take one, but am worried I won't like it.

    God bless.

  2. Wow, your schedule sounds pretty busy to me! You get a lot done. I feel like a slug in comparison. I know that I get sidetracked too easily and I need to watch that.

    1. Honestly Karen, it sounds like more than it is. Remember that most mornings i get up no earlier than eight and sometimes nine, that I nap in the afternoon often.


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