Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A little Frugality Here-Big Rewards later

Being frugal in retirement has it advantages, no matter your income. We all want to get a fair amount of bang for our buck, which is why I never really worry about, or complain about being frugal. Sometimes, that frugality requires some serious effort and energy, both mental and physical. Most of the time though, it has to do with simply developing certain frugal habits, and looking ahead. In my case those habits include spending a small part of most days taking advantages of frugal deals now, that might not get used until much later. I also sometimes spend an hour earning money here and there passively. A little incidental time, saving money or making money here and there make life much easier later on:

Because I regularly check Groupons and take advantage of those that I can use and take care of gifts, I am prepared for a farewell luncheon next week.  A friend is moving and we are having a lunch for here-at a place for which I purchased a Groupon for two that was half priced. 

Because I am email subscribed to almost every place that I use regularly, each week I receive a discount of some kind from my local Regal Theater-be it a small coke or something else.  Since I go to the movies weekly, this cuts costs.  Because I also subscribe to their reward card, every six weeks or so I receive a free movie ticket. That plus the fact that I attend a weekly move during the day at half priced fees, makes movie going a frugal activity for me.

Because I am also subscribed to a company called my Publisher, I received an offer for a free 20 page photo book, as well as another offer to get a copy of a book when I purchased one. This means that I received two free photo books for simply spending the time to sign up for my emails and then read them daily.  One will be for a gift for one of my kids and the other matched set will be a family cookbook for both kids-a gift which will only cost me shipping.

Because I purchase loss leaders and items on sale, I am able to be at home today. This is not necessarily a financial issue but it has it's own values. After looking in my fridge and freezer, I can stay home again for many days should I choose.  And also because of my shopping method, I was able to bring snacks at almost free prices to my pinochle game yesterday.

Because I took advantage of those free crab apples and grapes, my incidental DIY effort means that I had a hostess gift for an election party yesterday evening with little or no effort on my part. 

And finally, because I occasionally do passive income tasks and little online jobs here and there for money (generally while I watch television in the evening in the winter), my Amazon gift card amount is now very hefty-allowing me to take advantage of Amazon's many lightning sales and special deals as they come about. This has meant ratchet sets for five dollars, real wool handmade socks for ten and more.

The bottom line?  Spending a little time and effort here and there, when I have the time, means much less money spent and a more rewarding, relaxing retirement overall.  And so it goes for me,


  1. So true; and thanks for the tips. Me? I love those reward cards ... and of course, the senior discounts!

  2. A lot of good ideas to think about. I love my reward cards for Caribou Coffee and Qdoba. I get a free drink or free meal after five or six purchases. It makes a nice treat!

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