Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Challeging Myself-Physically

This year I've decided that I will not, as such, have a list of New Year's Goals or resolutions.  I do however, have a few general missions for the coming year, as mentioned here. Two of those missions had to do with taking care of myself and stepping outside of the box, in terms of challenging myself.  (Contrary to any suggestion otherwise, feeling the need to challenge oneself has little to do with boredom or retirement dissatisfaction as such, and more to do with expanding horizons). Of course, after reading Syd's blog, I may have to add the goal of not giving a crap to my annual plan.  Or at least trying not to give a crap.

My first goal in terms of self care and challenging myself has to do with physically moving-both doing more as well as different things.  As you all know by now, I am not a high energy person.  I do not have a goal to bike across country or backpack up a mountain.  Not only am I not interested in that kind of challenge, it's not my thing in terms of what moves me if you will.  Still, I do feel the strong need to explore more options when it comes to movement or exercise., Also, I have been having some muscle pain lately.  I suspect there are a variety of reasons for said pain, but I feel sure that at least one reason has to do with the Statins I take for cholesterol. Basically, I  feel like what I believe an extremely mild case of fibromyalgia might feel like

Currently my exercise consists of walking (when the weather allows), and taking an easy silver sneakers seated type exercise class.  While I enjoy these classes and the walking, this is mainly aerobic type exercise with a few stretches added.  I could certainly use more active aerobic exercise, but I also want to stretch and move my body in other ways, as well as treat it well after and before exercising.

To that end, my specific goals through the rest of January and February in terms of physical movement are:
  • To walk at least thirty minutes four days a week.  Since I don't do treadmills, this may mean driving to Super Target and walking around it.
  • To VERY slowly start working on arms and shoulders, via online U tube lessons. Today I bought a small exercise ball and the easiest bands to be found.
  • To mediate, starting with yoga three times per week. I've avoided this because my handicaps allow me to neither sit on a mat (if I want to get up), or to bend over and put my hands on the floor. I have since found a modified chair yoga class.
  • To get a massage once a month and sit in the hot tub at the rec center at least once a week. For those readers who wonder how this relates, those of us with movement issues and/or chronic pain need the before and after stuff in order to survive the movement stuff. It is what it is. (Note:  the hot tub is outside, which may lead me to join the Y instead-I am pondering this one).
  • To think about water walking. In the gym. In the winter.  I'm an illogical person, and although in my head I know that swimming and then drying my hair and putting on sweats before going to the car does not lead to having a cold, so far I have been unable to get past this one. Even though my rec center has a heated pool. As my late husband would say-it's a personal problem.

So there you have it, my first mission for the next month. I'll try to blog weekly about this one, if only to keep myself honest. Common wisdom says it takes 20 days to make a habit. I may not want to keep the above as habits, or I may want to stretch myself further.

As the saying goes though, you never know until you try!


  1. Good for you! If you dig deeper, since you know you won't get a cold from swimming although you may from being around people, what is really keeping you from swimming? Hope you find these new habits helpful. I had to stop statins due to terrible leg pain and I hope you pursue whether or not that is the cause.

    1. Hi juhli. I don't actually swim. I'll have to change that. Actually the cold is in fact the only thing keeping me away. I do take water classes from easter to halloween. Well that and the fact that I dont get up until well after nine band much of the open time is gone.

  2. Good for you Barb... We all need to stretch ourselves bot literally and figuratively on a regular basis.

  3. They say walking is the best exercise, although swimming is very good too, if you can stand the chlorine. Still, I think your best idea is the massage!

  4. Good for you!! I hope these goals help you physically! :)


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