Monday, January 26, 2015

The Joy of Purchasing New Glasses (Not) and Other Monday Musings

It's sixty four here in Denver this morning, and for the next few days  expected to be the same, or warmer.  All of the snow in those previous pictures?  Completely gone!

I am, as the proverbial saying goes, blind as a bat. I've been wearing glasses since I was in the sixth grade.  My eyes are extremely sensitive, so even though Mom and Dad actually got me contacts in my teens, I could never really wear them comfortably. These days contact technology has changed dramatically, but I have always worn glasses-and never minded it.

A year ago, I got my eyes checked, and got a new prescription.  I never got new glasses. I really liked my old, large framed wire glasses (so much that when my frames died I got a duplicate pair in those same frames since they were still available).  Also, my prescription was dramatically different.  The far had gotten much better and the near had gotten much worse. I anticipated the headaches to come.  Last but not least, of course was the cost. Each of my glasses cost between four and five hundred dollars-and that is with twenty dollar frames.  I even researched online glasses but was not, at that time willing to take the jump.

Two weeks ago, I again got my eyes checked. Determined to bite the bullet and update my frames, I took myself to my local sears optical store. Who knew choosing new frames could be so difficult?  I looked at wire frames (smaller than my original glasses), and plastic frames (very nice but no nose pads). I looked at colored frames (blue, green, brown and tortoise) and I looked at sunglasses frames as well-a must here in Colorado for obvious reasons.  Finally I picked out brown frames and sunglasses frames and walked away for a week (after paying almost six hundred dollars for two pairs of glasses, and that was a buy one get one free deal).

Yesterday I picked up said glasses and today I am extremely happy.  While I have made some adjustments, there have been no headaches..  The different shape of these glasses, along with the change in prescription, tells me that I will probably take a week to completely adjust.  This afternoon I'll try out those new sunglasses on my walk-and be thankful that no more eyeglass decisions need to be made for at least another year, as well as reminding myself that this is why I am frugal. I would rather find low cost ways to meet those goals of challenging myself, travel and education so that when the big expenses come along, I can simply say, Yes.

Note: for those who are wondering, or have already taken that leap, I will need a backup pair of glasses. Since I have my full measurements, some time in the next month or so I'll order an online pair and that backup pair will be a quality check for the future. I just was not willing to take a risk on a primary pair straight out of the box, if you will.

This is the last week of the month. Monday is usually an at home day for me-even in retirement it seems I need to get caught up after the weekend. However, this last week of the month I always spend much more time at home than usual. Most of my monthly commitments are usually held on the first, second or third (Tuesday, Monday, and so on) so that my only commitments this week out of the house are two exercise classes, my college class and my Wednesday knitting and happy hour.  I am still evaluating each activity as it comes up in my schedule to it's value and the joy it brings vs the time expended.

Since this is a down week, I've begun a couple of my new classes and projects.  I found a beginners language class online-for no cost. Eventually I'll surely want to find a conversation group, but for now it works for me.  I also purchased a book called A Year's Worth of Art Journaling, and am trying to do something daily to spark my creativity.  Unfortunately art supplies, as quilt and photography supplies, are not cheap.  I've deliberately hoarded every forty to fifty percent off coupon I could find for Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Joann, so I can put them go good use. I never pay full price for art and craft supplies. Yesterday I got watercolor pencils and oil pastels-so it's time for me to start playing.

Never one to just have one working journal, I've also begun an family history/memoir journal (separate from my book writing project on frugal retirement), based on the prompts in the book "To Our Children's Children". This book has great suggestions for journal writing or for letter writing to kids or grand kids.

I 'll also  be staring at my fabric and sketching some quilts. Some folks plan a project and then buy the materials. I buy the fabric I like, and then  have to decide what I'm going to do with it.  This often requires simply leaving the fabric where I can see it for a day or so.

Sunday is the super bowl, and next week I return a slightly busier schedule.   Untill then, I'll get tax appeal paperwork ready (a story for another time), spend time outside daily (it's seventy degrees this week, did I mention?), work on sparking my creativity, and start the application process for my new weekly volunteer gig (more to come)

And so it goes, this last Monday of January.


  1. Gee, tell me again, what did you say the temp was there? I couldn't see what you wrote -- not because I need new glasses, but because I'm shivering too much!

  2. I wore contacts in high school, but at that time the hard ones were the only ones available. I used to dream about having broken glass in my eyes. These days I have a pair of progressives, one for computer work and one for reading. As long as I can remember where I put them, I'm good.

  3. Nice to know you are having nice weather. We are having some great weather here. Usually we call it the January thaw, I am just hoping that we don't get miserable weather after this.

    God bless.

  4. I hate looking for new frames, too!


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