Friday, January 16, 2015

This Week In Retirement-I'm a REALLY Good Driver, and I'm Traveling to Seattle

This week in my frugal yet rich retirement has certainly had it's ups and downs.  Still, as always, life was more than full-and I'm taking on a couple new adventures!

  •  Now that the holidays are over and I am again well, I am back to my regular out of the house "routine".  This includes a weekly knitting group in a bookstore and happy hour, a pinochle group, a church dinner group, my weekly class on the Hebrew Bible, a class on multiculturalism (which this week focused on powerlessness), and feeding the homeless.  All of these are free, except for happy hour, when I have a three dollar wine (or two) and nachos.  My tuition excepted, my only other weekly costs for these activities are the occasional snack when it is my turn.
  • To meet my goal of challenging myself more, I have been researching some opportunities. For example, I have decided to learn a new language, but have not decided whether to do it on my own via a progam or tapes, or go into the classroom. I was looking at French, however my son is encouraging me to take Arabic.  Also wanting to learn a new "hands on skill", I've researched both wood working and metal working.  Since my goal now is to learn a new skill every three months, I need to come to a decision.  While I can begin a language class at home and then increase the funds to classes if my interest remains, I expect the same is not true of woodworking!!!
  •  I always smile when other bloggers bemoan SUVs and those of us who drive above the speed limit.  I was raised driving in a different country, where not only was there the autobahn, but where it's illegal to stop going into a busy traffic circle, illegal to be in the left lane unless passing and so on. I am the second safest driver I know personally even though I go up to ten miles over the speed limit. (my brother worked for an oil company for years and took vehicles places I would never even consider).  On Tuesday, I was driving to my evening class when a car went through a stop sign and would have hit me head on in my drivers door. I managed to floor it, make a wide curve around him and end up on the curb on the opposite side while he blithely continued onward.  Being a deer in the headlights will always get you hurt, or worse! 

  • In terms of travel, I have been slowly mapping out my gulf coast and San Francisco trips-and have also been looking for a friend to join me on one or the other as my sister the gardener cannot travel in the summer.  Since so many of my  blogging friends live in the west or northwest, I also wanted to say that I have just now decided I will travel to Seattle in April. My brother and sister in law and two toddlers live there and it is time for a visit. Yes, my 52 year old brother has two toddlers.  I'll be taking the high wind route north through Cheyenne, Salt Lake City and Boise, and returning through Montana and then cutting south.  I also considered taking US 20 across, if any you are familiar with that route. I look forward to hearing from my blogging buddies about places to see and things to do! I have a blog about costing up a road trip via car soon.
  • I'm sleeping! Like many of my bullet points this will get it's own blog post, in more depth.  Here just let me say that as a night owl who stays up to 12 or one, I am now sleeping until 9 and sometimes later and loving it. Sleep is good for my arthritis, my pain and my brain.
  • Sadly, I am adjusting to my new normal of one less canine family member.  The worst time seems to be coming in the door, and I have called my remaining pup by the other pup's name at least once. The good news is that Wilson seems to mainly be adjusting well, and I see little dog depression. It will take us all awhile to adjust, and for now, we have decided that one dog is perfect for us.
  • Finally, I am getting new glasses this afternoon. My prescription has changed drastically-the far has gotten much better and the near has gotten much worse.  I have had these frames for so very long (got new lenses in the same frames), that trying on new ones is an experience. I keep saying I want some cool blue frames, but after wearing wires for so long, its an adjustment when I look at myself.
For the rest of this week, I'll be shopping for food and glasses, planning for football, getting ready to host a dinner, going to at least one movie (with a gift card) and hopefully beginning my walking goals, pain allowing.  So it goes, this week in retirement.


  1. If you like Mexican food, try one of the Red Iguana locations in Salt Lake City. The mole selection is to die for. (or check them out on Trip Advisor).

  2. Enjoyed the read. Good luck with all your projects. My retirement has been the best year of my life. Cheers.

  3. As one of those who complains about people speeding in their SUVs I can only say: You go "up to ten miles over the speed limit." You call that speeding?!? The people I complain about go 15 - 20 miles above the speed limit ... sometimes in the dark, in the rain, in construction zones.

  4. I am humbled by your plans as listed in this post. Wow! You must have recharged very effectively over the last few weeks. Good luck with everything.
    You mentioned thinking about getting involved in woodworking. I did this, so I will pass along my experience. I took a basic woodworking class in 2000. It consisted of 22 young men under age 25, and me (age 54). I very much enjoyed the class, but it was not easy, mostly because I have never had very good hand-eye coordination. But I learned to use almost all of the big scary machines, and some of the small ones. My final project was a dining room table, Shaker style, which I am very proud of and use daily. In order to continue using the new skills, it is necessary to buy your own equipment. This can get VERY expensive, but as long as you believe you will keep making things, it is worth it. I did not keep going for long, even though I equipped an entire wood shop in my garage.
    As for learning a new language, I have been working on Spanish for 6 years. It is a fun language, I think, but the verbs are killer.

    1. Goodness. My problem is that I do not have a space in my home that can be dedicated to wood working, not even the garage

  5. Good luck on your trip. I love Seattle and the drive includes some really pretty territory. As someone who has driven North on I-25 through Wyoming via I-80 check the weather (even in April). I-80 is a direct route but any weather problem makes it awful.

    1. Wow, I love your blog! I will be topping by to comment. Actually I think we are going a bit out of our way. My sister has never been to Moab, so first we will be on 70 to see the arches, and then cut up to Salt Lake City.


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