Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another Project or Two-and Paying the Price for Those 70 Degree Days

My retirement schedule has turned into one that really varies week by week-especially when it comes to out of the house commitments. The first two weeks of the month I play Pinochle and Shanghai. I have a "Working from the right side of the brain" creativity group, a book group and my intensive volunteer commitments.  The last two weeks of the month my only regular out of the house appointments are my weekly knitting group and class and church and swimming in the therapy pool when I am up to it.

Overall this works well for me. The second part of the month in when I spend more time concentrating on cooking and baking, my craft and in depth art projects and online class (I try not to take more than one online class at a time, and one that allows me some time leeway.) Today, I was in my office organizing all the projects that I have going on, and projects I want to start. I really do try to not have more than one or two projects going at a time. The problem is that I say that for all of my hobbies. So right now I have two knitting projects int he works (and one put away for next Christmas), two quilts and three pairs of pants I want to sew, my art journal project, and my Easter decorating projects. That, of course, was only in my sewing room. That doesn't include the recipe project I am working on for my kids, baking, planning my sister's birthday, or working towards semi-finalizing my road trips.

One of the best things about retirement of course, is that I can work on any of these when I want, for as much as I want-or I can leave them for weeks on end. With the exception perhaps of my sisters birthday, none of these are "time sensitive" as the saying goes.

Which is a good thing you see, because this morning my daughter sent me a text from Texas. She wanted to know what happened to the winter infinity scarf I was kitting for her. I reminded her that she told me it was not cold enough and she would not use it so I should start on something else (I'm making the tank from this post in peach). She responded that her fiance was taking her to Chicago for their anniversary and they were going the tenth of March (her spring break). I of course, said I would knit her a scarf, as well as sending one I have never worn that she will love. So the next few days will be spent nesting as they say-knitting, baking, reading and generally being low energy, except with my hands 

Nesting inside in the warmth, that is,  and very possibly not leaving the house for a day or two or three. Because the weather overlords being what they are, we are now paying for those two weeks of 70 degree days. Cold, wet, heavy snow (pray for my tree branches) have replaced sunny sandal weather.  I enjoy the overall sunniness and balminess of Colorado weather.  Still, next year I may have to move into that mother-in-law bedroom my daughter promises me for at least March and April.

Either that, or go find a room to rent on the gulf coast. Near the beach.  Where it's warm.


  1. I agree completely that one of the best things about retirement is that we can work on any of our activities, whenever we want. But I find, even in this cold weather we've been having, I get real cabin fever after about one day at home and I have to get out of the house. Of course, the Gulf coast, near the beach, where it's warm ... that sounds nice!

    1. Yes I agree. I need to get outside or go somewhere at least for awhile

  2. Wow! You have a lot of energy, more than I do at this point in the winter. It sounds like all the projects keep you interested and excited about each day. I'd love to see a photo of the infinity scarf when you're done with it. Sounds cool!

    1. Just becausevi have them all going doesn't mean I get them all done. I promised myself that I will eat well, exercise and pray and meditate every day. Everything else is negotiable.

  3. I have come to a decision about next year and subbing in the schools. Let's just say it may give me a bit more time at home.

    Love the peach coloured yarn.

    God bless.

  4. Having my first real winter in 30 years.First snow storm was fun.Now,I am pining away for the palm trees and sunshine as another winter storm comes in.Year one of retirement= some adjustments to make for year two--I think I also may want to rent a condo or something --somewhere warm--for 2 months come next winter....

  5. I was fine at Christmas and even through January, but now we are having snow the next week. Next year I think I will do fifteen march through say fifteen april in the warmer weather.


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