Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Netflix and Amazon, My College Basketball Bracket Disaster and Other Retirement Mumblings

I  have cable TV.  Let me rephrase that one. I consider myself a frugal, tightwad, intelligent, adventurous retiree and I have cable-and I plan to keep it.

Why, you may ask?  Unfortunately, one cannot stream football, or college football, or NCAA basketball, or worldwide football (soccer to the rest of you), or the Olympics.  Put simply, those of us who are true sports fans have a different perspective on the "get rid of cable" discussion.  The alternative would be to spend most of my weekends at certain times of the year at Buffalo Wild Wings. I figure it's much better for me to have the TV on while I am cooking or sewing, or beating everyone I know at scrabble rather than sitting at the bar with drinks and munchies-both from a health and a financial perspective.  So cable stays in the budget, getting much more face time in fall and winter, with minimal visits from April through the fall.

Of course into every sporting life rain must fall. Sometimes more than others.  Like now. To those basketball fans who are reading this, let me say that I did fill out a bracket.  Thank heavens above that it was just for fun, however, because even for fun I am still crying in my proverbial beer-and my bracket is already confetti. Baylor, Villanova, Virginia, and more-they are dropping like flies.  My only hopes now are Gonzaga and Michigan State.  I needed five days before this tournament continued to re-fortify myself.

Meanwhile, while when it comes to regular television watching, it seems I've re-discovered Amazon and Netflix and their proprietary television series.  While everyone seems to know about House of Cards, that is only one small part of what is currently offered and what is coming.

Amazon especially is luring me in. It seems that they have a policy of showing a group of premier episodes, and then having viewers vote on them.  Amazon then chooses about half to become series.  Recently I watched the Harry Bosh series (actually produced and directed by Michael Connolly).  The classic novel The Man In the High Castle has been made into a series and will appear soon.  I also watched a one hour preview last night and I can't decide if I love it or hate it. Netflix has not let me down either.  Tonight after everyone is in bed, I plan on watching some the TV series Bloodline, which is supposedly better than House of Cards. Oh the joys of being a night owl!

Life is, at the moment, at an activity crossroads.  While spring is beginning to arrive, with a two week trip planned beginning April 6, there is no point planting and digging until I return. My evening class is on a three week hiatus, we are finished painting the house, and I have ended one online course and the other has not yet begun. This has given me some down time to catch up on drawing, painting, knitting, and reading-all but one of which can be done during the nighttime TV watching hours.

I'm now off to my last class before the break, and looking forward to some serious knitting time, some late night snacking and my flat screen.  And please, don't wake me before 10 am!


  1. LOL, I am mostly a morning person and Harvey isn't makes for some pretty grouchy mornings around here. Let us know how you enjoy Bloodlines.

    God bless.

  2. Barb, I just love reading your stuff! Come on Zags! You make me smile to start my day. Don't shoot me...I'm writing this at 6:30 AM! Not my normal routine, mind you, as I too am an owl...but had to take the hubs to the airport this morning, so...

    Love the background on your site...Looks like an art quilt just waiting to happen - Just sayin'

  3. Thanks, I like it much better than the plain blue. The WordPress blog won't have a background but it will have many more pictures. Today I slept till ten....but when I return from vacation I've taken on a volunteer position from 9-12 one day a week so on that day at least I will rise early.

  4. Jackie I did another project last note so missed it but I will let you know as soon as I do.

  5. I used to be a night owl. Then, after I left work and didn't HAVE to get up in the morning anymore, suddenly I became a morning person. Go figure!

  6. I watched the Harry Bosch series, recently, too. I enjoyed it and hope they do another season.

    1. Hi there, I'm thinking they will. Looking on Amazon, all the stars are basically four and five with a few threes and no ones or twos.


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