Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Revisiting The Road Trip-Day One Denver to Moab

For those who have not figured it out yet, I am one of those people who can turn a four day visit to see family into a ten day or more road trip.  What can I say, that's just the way I roll.  I hate to fly (there are no words) and probably will only fly again if I go back to Germany or to Grand Cayman or have an emergency). One of the advantages of being retired is time, and plenty of it.

When plotting my drive to Seattle, I was looking both to make it as scenic as possible, as well as to be not repetitive (remember, I'm the girl who can find ten ways to drive to see my daughter in Dallas). Although I am not a huge planner as such, my sister rarely gets to go on road trips.  Add to that the fact that she has live in Denver since college and never been to Moab or Canyonlands parks, and a unique trip was born. Unfortunately I am still looking through my photos and she has not sent me her pictures (me being the driver and she being the photographer and all).

Day one involved a shorter drive, from Denver on I70, through the Rockies into Utah.  This drive is more scenic every time I take it, especially the second half of the drive which goes through Glenwood Canyon.  I'll say here that I70 in Utah is the most desolate drive, with a scene that looks like a mountain crater. 
a side drive well worth the time
Fortunately we took the scenic road to Moab, taking Utah scenic byway 128 to Moab. This is certainly longer than taking the highway route, but worth every extra minute.  This road is very unique, with large sandstone walls, the Colorado river and move.  It's also "open range" which means you may have to slow down for beef on the hoof. In our case it was just past calving season, and one baby cow actually started chasing us!

After checking into our motel the Sleep Inn (our least favorite stay on our road trip, the room was VERY warm and we could not control it, seemingly), we had a relaxing dinner while watching Wisconsin lose to Duke, and prepare ourselves for the next day.
beautiful downtown Moab
you really have to climb to this one-literally
Even though this was not my first trip to Arches National Park, it was still breathtaking! Eventually I will get the many pictures I took, good and bad, sorted out and share more.  It's enough to say that half a day spent in the park was not enough. Had my sister been alone, she would probably have hiked the second half of the day. As most of our trip, the day was warm, sunny, and made up for the not very pretty drive that followed in the afternoon, through northern Utah and the Sat Lake Corridor.

The cost for day one of our trip (not including gas which I'll total at the end), was $112 for the motel, $20 for a very nice dinner (breakfast and lunch were packed) and ten dollars for the car at the Arches.  All and all well worth the money!

Next time, let me tell you about those Idaho survivalists!!


  1. In my recent retirement, I planned for more road trips! One thing I have is more time. We have made it down to Oregon (from Canada) and up the coast but Utah is definitely on our list of must see areas. The Arches National Park looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely photos Barb. Thanks for sharing them.

    God bless.

  3. That’s better, I have access again. What happened?

    I’d love to do a road trip like that; I have seen US roads half empty in New England, driving was a pleasure, not like German or British roads, which are mainly choc-a-bloc.

    I’d take my time too, what’s the hurry. There’s too much to see and take in to rush along.

    I looked at your About Me page. For how long were you in Germany and where? Did you like the country?

  4. I LOVE Germany, and have said elsewhere in my blog that before my husband passed away we had seriously considered retiring there. I lived in Germany as a high school student for six years, in the army in my twenties for two years and with my husband and my son for almost another six years. Two times in suburbs of Frankfurt (Offenbach and Buschlag) and one time near Nurnburg in Furth.

    The road between frankfurt and Wurzburg is till enough to drive one to drink.

    We've just discovered that we can possibly get some German TV online and my son can watch Bayern M so he is thrilled.


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