Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Calm Before The Storm

Even though I consider myself to be a low energy, relaxed person, invariably my retirement seems to have some major activity highs and lows. The past week and my current week in retirement are perfect examples.

As someone who could be consider at homebody at heart, last week was an example of my average low energy week. When I am not traveling, I try and keep two days to be at home days where I only go out to walk or to exercise class or to the occasional daytime movie. Last week was more than two days. While I wasn't exactly sitting around the house eating bon-bons, my only serious outside commitments were a half day of volunteering, my night class, and Wednesday lunch, knitting and happy hour. I'm still experimenting with cookbook styles, but hope to have some test pages done this week. I would love to do something like this, but in a real binder. I just love pinterest


The rest of my time was spent quilting, knitting, reading two novels, studying, compiling recipes for my family cookbook, writing, working in the yard (on the seventy degree days), cooking and generally enjoying my home. Naturally, living in Denver, I also experienced to two days of heavy wet snow and cold weather (and more dead branches) before again, returning to seventy degree weather. I also spent some time doing long term planning (the list of things I want to do is a full page-how many I'll get done in the next six months are anyone's guess), planning my two vacations, and budgeting for the summer (adjusting down the housing costs and adjusting up the food, travel, and fun costs, for example).

Sewing the backing on my blue and green and white spa quilt

This year, I also opted for at home relaxation over restaurant entertainment when it came to mother's day. A relaxing day at home followed by lobster tails and steaks and lemon meringue pie cooked by my son was better than any restaurant dinner.  An entire day to do what one pleases, and ignore all clean up or yard work is a wonderful gift, even in retirement. Ever practical, my children gave me a 100 dollar gift card to Amazon-where there are so many choices I have yet to place an order. You can purchase anything on Amazon, after all. Even fabric!! I did intend to take really good pictures of food and cards, but somehow I got sidetracked.

 Meanwhile, this week is turning into one of those "when will I have time to" weeks. While yesterday was fairly calm and relaxing, until Friday I am going, going, going. Today not only do I have class, but the job of preparing refreshments for the class and finishing a project. Tomorrow, I have an orientation to my new volunteer gig (more about that in a couple days), then my usual lunch, knitting and happy hour routine. Thursday I have my new volunteer gig in the morning, and another one in the afternoon (a one time thing). Friday morning, my knitting/quilt group is going on a "field trip" to a downtown fabric store, the Buffalo Exchange, and lunch. Friday evening I am feeding my homeless women-alone because our church has a major event the same night that everyone else wants to go to.

Add to this week the fact that I need to see the new Mad Max movie, my usual art projects, and an hour walk every day and this week is well-extremely full!!

Mind you, I am not complaining, as long as every week in retirement is not like this! In truth, I've been wanting to jump into a couple of new activities.  Next week will look more like my new normal, with two full days at home, followed by class, my Wednesday group, volunteering a full day, and a day long class in T-shirt quilting so I can finally complete a gift for my daughter, a girls movie night out, and of course walking every day! 

As always, both weeks were very inexpensive. I always budget for my Panera lunch and a happy hour drink, for example, and I consider my food for the homeless my church contribution. This week, I'll have an additional lunch, and being me, I'll purchase fabric and yarn at Tiger Crafts or Wooden Spools. It's for the times like this that I eat at home, and see matinees (aside from the lack of crowds) after all.

I do have one major expense in the past week.  I've had a Verizon Ellipses tablet for some time-its a smaller tablet kind of the size of the IPAD mini, but an android (I refuse to own an iPhone for a variety of reasons). I recently upgraded to the same tablet with more memory for a mere $45, and then promptly purchased a hundred dollar case for the thing. Being a natural klutz of the highest order, this case and keyboard gives me great protection and allows me to use the tabled as a mini laptop-and I can pop the tablet out to read it like a Kindle if I like.  I'm calling this one an investment purchase!

And now, I'm off to start sewing for Christmas markets-before my crazy retirement week begins.


  1. Nice machine. My laptop is beginning to seem very clunky; so I got to get me one of those.

    1. Tom, not sure who your provider is but Verizon is almost giving these away to customers (or they were, I got mine for free with ten dollars in Data a month). I'm still getting used tot he keyboard and I still use my laptop for big writing or printing projects or editing photos.

  2. There's always something, isn't there? I had taken my 82 yr old mother on a 4 day/3 night road trip to see her sister-in-law who lives 4 hours away. I had a "medical" appointment (3 hr acupressure treatment) followed by a community association meeting in the evening. I have 2 houses to clean this week (4 hrs each) with a blood donor clinic this evening. I've booked 2 visits with friends, one after the house cleaning tomorrow and one on Friday. I was hoping for a day at home but I also want to take an opportunity to see my friends when I can. Like you, I like "down" days at home.

    1. Next week things will be a little easier. I always try to have Monday at home to deal with post entertainment post family dinner stuff and at least one other day.

  3. I like the routine you set for yourself in this post. It sounds interesting, varied, calm, and full of creative activities. I'm going to try to implement some of the ideas into my upcoming week. Thanks!

  4. So interested to hear about your routine. I haven't identified one now that winter is gone, spring is basically over and we are into summer. I think I would benefit from more activity. I have started volunteering in a background kind of way and will be taking training this week that will get me into the front! I'll be happy when my painting classes resume but until then, I am on my own in that realm. Thanks for sharing. I am inspired!

  5. There's a chance you are qualified to get a Apple iPhone 7.


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