Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coming Up For Air-And Sun!!!

Well, folks, that was a really, really long blog break, I am sorry to say.  Remember that calm before the storm comment?  Little did I know. How did blogging twice a week turn into over two weeks?  It was the perfect storm.

First of course, there was the fact that up until this week, we have had, pretty much constant storms. In a climate that normally has at least thirty percent sun each day, until this past weekend I have been hard pressed to find it. Don't get me wrong, I know that my relatives in Texas have things much, much worse. My brother-in-law in Houston had the water come less than two feet from his front door. And while my daughter and other relatives in Dallas had had it easier, there is still massive flooding and road closures. I remind my self that we are lucky compared to them and that I am paying for that two weeks of eighty degree weather in February.

Some people like to nest and do really constructive things when it rains and is damp-baking, sewing, hobbies-I am not one of those people. I end up sitting around with books and the television during that non-light period of time, as well as bemoaning my knee, which moves from the take pain pills twice a day level to the "Oh, dear Lord, please make this stop" status of life.

Add that to a pile of near the end of the year commitments and an extra heavy volunteer couple of weeks and you have a women who swears she never worked that hard when she was working-even with kids!

Fortunately, as the pictures show, life has returned to an even keel. The weather is now hot, allowing me to sit in the yard for a least an hour a day and soak up the son while reading and watching the dogs. Before anyone panic, now, I have olive skin and the doc swears that an hour of direct Vitamin D will directly affect my pre-diabetes.  Everyone else in the family and neighborhood is working ferociously in the yard (except for me, I might kill it all).  We're over two weeks behind planting time, and could really not mow the grass for over two weeks.

The good part of all this business is that the yard now looks better than ever. Green and aerated grass, and flowers are everywhere. My topless pergola now has a canopy of green that protects me, the lower yard is a restful spot (although one I can only look at, due to steep terrain), and the trees and hedges dividing yards are completely overgrown due to all the excess rain. Thankfully summer has arrived and in full.

Because my creativity also takes a hit when the weather is dull and dreary (I mind the lack of daily sun much more than I do a little snow), I have been jumping back into projects with full force, quilts, July 4th decorations, my recipe book, and more.

I also spent this time making master lists of goals, coming up with a new travel destination, a new business plan, and a unique volunteer opportunity. I also have a few books to review, but more about all that later. Meanwhile, I'm happy to be out of my slump and back in the mix.

Onward to summer fun!


  1. Glad things are getting back to normal!

  2. Wonderful to see you back and posting. Enjoy your nicer weather.

    God bless.


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