Friday, July 3, 2015

July 4th-Going to The Dogs!

Do you ever have one of those days when you just want to place your forehead against the brick wall? Well, this morning I was ready to shoot myself.  

You see, although I do yard sales only sparingly these days, I always do a quick perusal of what is on Craigslist-mainly to take advantage of supplies for myself, craft supplies for the charities I work with, or tools for my son. This morning there was a listing by a woman who was liquidating her online sewing store, and selling quilting fabric for four dollars a yard (mind you, quilt fabric is 13 dollars a yard these days). It was a thirty minute drive, but there is no traffic today, and I thought "why not"?   The why not, was simply that there was no quilt fabric, every thing was Joanne store fabric. Now , some of you will not understand the difference, but others will understand that getting fabric from Joanne's or Hobby Lobby for  four dollars a yard is not something worth driving thirty minutes to see. Lesson learned, if you will. 

Meanwhile, while others are getting ready for Fourth of July activities, I will be enjoying that time at home (although my resident Uber driver should have a fairly busy weekend). When it comes to fireworks, I am a fireworks snob, there is no question.  Almost twenty years of living near Washington DC and spending every July 4th on the water or on the grass near the White House has spoiled me for fireworks anywhere else (except perhaps Boston). 

If that attitude or the traffic did not keep me home, there would still be the canine family members. Dog owners understand.  We take our dogs to the dog hotel, or we remain at home, drugging and holding our puppy family members-or watching them try to fit themselves under the sofa. To make it even worse, in our area they seem to consider the week before and after the holiday firework worthy, so we never know when the dog(s) will jump in terror.  The joys of being a canine parent, I tell ya! So at our house we'll be having hamburgers and hot dogs, angel food cake with whipped cream and fruit, a nice salad, some wine and enjoy a relaxing day at home. Oh, and I keep forgetting that we have a gift of an ice cream cake in the freezer we need to use up.  A nice quiet 4th of July, watching fireworks on TV, will work perfectly form me this year.

I'm sure I am not the only crafter/artist/chef/woodworker/creative person who has looked at an almost finished project and said "I really don't love this". For me at least, at that point all you can do is "get it done" and then decide what to do with it later.  This Christmas patchwork was made years ago (at the beginning of my quilt experience, when I was still very much an amateur) and was sitting on my unfinished project rack.  Since I am committed to getting at least some of those unfinished projects done, I did a quick down and dirty quilting job and now am ready to put a binding on the thing. If nothing else, it can go on the back of a chair in the reading room during the holidays. The next project to finish is this fall quilt. In between I continue to work on T-shirts and piles of cloth napkins in solid colors I am cutting from old clothes and projects. 

  So, my Christmas quilt, the dogs, and a relaxing afternoon of food and family will fill much of my weekend. If that, my newest book, and church leave me at odds (doubtful), I've also decided to step up my knitting my making my first lacy shawl-if I can just figure out what dropping the yarn overs means. We'll see if my skills are up to the task.

Happy weekend and Happy 4th, everyone!


  1. I'm a quilter also and know exactly what you mean about the fabric from Joanne's. I have actually found a couple of good pieces at Hobby Lobby but it is a rare find.
    I have 4 cats and they hate the fireworks noise too. It is going to be an at home, relaxing 4th for us.
    Hope you have a pleasant 4th too!!

  2. Dropping the Yarn over (yo) means just that. Pull it off your needle. This creates your holes :-)

  3. Our dog is terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. She spends most of July hiding in the corner behind a chair, or in the walk-in shower, or else behind the toilet. I feel sorry for her.

  4. I love the scarf. You do have talent and patience galore. I wonder if son was using "Bob" for his Uber drives. Always interesting stuff going on at your house, and I always appreciate dog pictures. Too bad there aren't adequate ear plugs for animals.


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