Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer TV-What I'm Watching

Remember when I talked about my lazy summer?  Well, it's true that my regular commitments have lessened during the summer, and that I am not taking a huge, major travel trip until the fall.  Other things, however, have picked up.  I'm become the business manager of my son's fledgling Uber driving and landscaping business. I've committed to a donated bed sized quilt a week.  I'm taking advantage of every free digital photo book offer to make mini albums and recipe books.  Since my small business is almost exclusively a fall business, I need to get all those family Christmas gifts done.  My list goes on, to now include exploring how to cover my little pergola area you see in all the photos in order to have a year around outside space.

While it might seem at first glance that I have limited TV time, the truth is that every evening I am ready to lie on the couch for an hour or so and be entertained by the fan. Add to that the ninety five degree summer afternoons and you have some serious TV time.  Not only that, but it's good, non rerun TV time. It used to be that the space between Memorial Day and Labor Day was "dead" time. Now, there are summer series, sports and the advantage of good ole Netflix and Amazon prime.

I know that for some, TV is a thing of the past, with people streaming to Netflix and Amazon.  I do have both of those, but I still have traditional cable. In this house, I consider cable to be frugal and a necessary part of the budget-because there are enough things live that will not appear on those other two venues.

So, while tastes differ, and you may wish to wait until some of these shows reach Netflix or Amazon, these are some of the shows I am watching this summer.  While most of these shows are dramas they include reality. Some are current and some are getting revisited through Netflix.

True Detective - Watch it. Just watch it. But watch last season with Woody Harrelson and Mathew McConaughey first.  Just watch it.  It would be worth paying for HBO for two months just to watch this show. I promise.

The Women's World Cup - last night I had to be Switzerland, as the US played number one, Germany.  We are now on the way to the championship game, and will most likely win.

How To Make It In America  This show only lasted two seasons on HBO but is worth searching out on Amazon or Netflix.  It's about two twenty something fellows who try and start a clothing line in New York.

The College World Series - this just finished up, and my sister in law's Alma Mater Vanderbilt, lost to the University of Virginia

Murder in the First - Written by the Hill Street Blues and LA Law guy, this TV shows follows a single crime through the entire season (with secondary crimes thrown in). Not to be missed, and reminiscent of the TV show Murder One

Aquarius - I confess that this hit me so much that I put it on hold. I'm recording it but at the end of the season I'm going to do a binge watch, because I think if I don't I'm going to miss too much. This is a fictional story about a cop who goes under cover to track Charles Manson.  I just love David Duchovny.

The Wire - I am re watching this through on demand. The best Drama on TV ever (and it's not just me, about ten different lists say so). Must watch.  NO excuses. Even if the first two or three episodes are slow, it's about character development, because 90 percent of the characters appear in every season.  If you've never watched The Wire, this should be on the very top of your Netvlix or Amazon list. Trust me.  Trust me.  I regularly say that the Wire is the best show you've never seen, and Don Winslow is the greatest author you've never read (Elroy and Leonard swear by the second).

Bloodline - a made for Netflix series that may be even better than House of Cards (and yes, I watched that in two weeks and am now waiting for January).

Grace and Frankie - A cute but a corny Netflix series. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin sit down with their lawyer/partner husbands, who are not there to announce their retirements, but rather that they are in love-with each other.  Need I say more?

Island Hunters (a House Hunters show with a twist, everyone is looking for an island house, and Brother VS Brother.  They fill my vicarious need to look at houses all over the word, and my hidden desire to live in the trips gets a little fulfillment.

So there you have it, my limited summer viewing-done between everything else in life, and always recorded by my trusty DRV to avoid commercials, except for live Sports.

Are you watching any TV this summer?


  1. We just got a new flat screen smart TV (internet ready) in HD. Barbara, my old TV that just up and died was 15 years old. The one previous was 20 years old. I can not believe how absolutely amazing and stunning the new TV's are. I am mesmerized. I never saw anything so gorgeous. And we have 'on demand' too! Also, the sat company threw in 3 free months of HBO. I haven't seen HBO sine the 1990's. I am just so blown away by everything. I don't think I can ever go back to 'basic' ($38 vs $78, plus add'l $12 if we keep HBO. Le sigh. Not in our budget. But, anyway, I just started watching True Detective. Amazing. LOVE IT!!!!
    I can use HBO On Demand and download last year. Thanks for the heads up.
    Now, if I can just get off the recliner. Ha ha!

    1. I understand people not wanting to trash appliances but 5he pictures on flat screens are so.much.better! I'll give up cable probably never.

  2. I've heard "True Detective" is good. But we don't get HBO. About the World Cup . . . I thought we just found out that whole sport of soccer was fixed. So what's the point? We did see an episode of "Grace and Frankie." B liked it; I didn't. We're finally getting around to watch "House of Cards" which is pretty good but a little cartoonish. And, yeah, I want to go back and revisit "The Wire" I saw a few of the original episodes; but would like to see the whole thing. Anyway, the good news is that there's a lot of good stuff available. I'm gonna try a cpl of your other suggestions.

    1. I would not say the whole sport was fixed by any means. I always watch soccer and not us soccer as such. Hopefully true detective will be stream able soon.

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! Just what I needed as I finished Game of Thrones (with my free one month trial of HBO Now) and need something to binge watch the rest of my free month. I think I will try True Detective first. I also have Netflix and Amazon prime, so I will also try the other's you have recommended too.

    1. I font watch got but others in my family do. I used to binge watch alot. For four years I had no American I'm trying to make up.


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