Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Lazy Days of Summer - (And what should I not miss in South Dakota-asking the readers!)

A few minutes ago, I headed out for awhile to sit under my gazebo and enjoy the summer sun.  As I got to the screen I saw two dogs-both spread out in the summer sunshine on the grass. One lying on her back, and the other on his stomach, keeping an eye of course on the squirrels in the tree. Naturally, by the time I opened the screen they had moved and a good picture was gone.  Still it truly is a dog's life, you know?  

My favorite place to read, now if could just figure how to enclose it for winter!

It's a dog's life as always-I can never get him to look at me!

Meanwhile, I have spent a fair amount of time being just a lazy as the canines it seems.  Summer always makes me want to do less and relax more-and since many of the things I do are curtailed or cancelled during the summer in terms of regular commitments it makes it much easier for me to justify my sluggishness during this time. Except for a weekend trip to the north or so (see my request for help below) and a week long visit to my daughter in Texas, I tend to curtail my travel until cooler climes, as this year all planned trips seem to head south.

This means that my days have (mainly) settled into a summer routine, with a day trip, festival or other event factored in here and there.  My mornings are spent piddling (there is no better word) on the computer, in my studio or around the house, and then outside reading on the swing.  After lunch, I'm heading to the therapy pool to walk and swim for an hour. Now that I've started exercising mid day I much prefer it-as long as I don't have commitments. It divides up the day much better and I seem to need the moving around at that time of day.  Afterwards I come home and shower, and then nap, or sew, or go to a movie, or read some more-you get the idea. One day a week I volunteer for half a day, and one day a week I knit and hit happy hour. Those two appointments and church are the end of my scheduled days until September. I guess I really am on summer break. 

Downtown dinners, now one of my favorite places

For dinner we are continuing the laziness. Most days we are either grilling, using the slow cooker to make something that will be a few meals, or cheating with the food budget and hitting Downtown dinners once a week. So far we have been very impressed this month with the pork chops (even so far as buying another meal for the freezer) and thought the chicken pot pie with biscuits was a bit heavy on the sage, if you will.  At fifteen dollars for a prepared meal for three people, we figure it to be a good deal once a week. Last night we had our own grilled thick pork chops, pasta salad from the store, along with fruit and carrots and celery. Tonight, seafood ravioli from the deli with a butter sauce. 

A fall quilt for me, a donation for the shelter, a gift, and one I just made for the fun of it, even though the colors are not mine.

Still in progress, as shown by the threads and lint.

Because I have more free time in the summer (no classes, no weekly lunch or dinner group, no book groups..) I I have been VERY leisurely allowing myself to do a few other things-only when, of course, I am in the mood.  I have a rack full of quilts that are tops and need to be finished, as well as this team quilt. So far I've quilted (sewn the design) and bound one this summer.  By the way, I will be giving away a quilt at the end of August-any team or theme in a throw size, so keep your eyes out. I've been meaning to do a couple giveaways for awhile and now that I am back on track.....I'm ready I've also spent a couple days here and there working on serious free stuff-not sample size and have gotten all three of the things shown below for a dollar each, as well as the travel book for my son which was free except for shipping and was an experiment. The cookbook and cupcake holders will be a stocking stuffer for my daughter and I have yet to decide about the scarf and earrings.

A baking book and bright silicone shells, for a dollar shipping

A bird covered infinity scarf and earrings, again for a dollar shipping.

A free Shutterfly book for five dollars in shipping-my first digital book attempt using pictures from the trip my son and I took to Normandy beaches-in 2004, actually!!

I say experiment because I've been considering making a Christmas book for each of my offspring as well as a cookbook.  The Normandy book was an experiment, one that I could afford since the book was free. I do have a lot to learn before my next book.  The coming book would have family recipes, various notes and pictures and as much information as I remember about the various tree ornaments that I've collected for each child when they were young! So I have been doing a few constructive things here in July.

A map of every where we went-yes, everywhere, trust me!

Meanwhile, as to the frugal road trip, I'm looking at a three and a half day trip to South Dakota in August. If any readers have opinions as to what my priorities are to see during that time, I would love the input.  Since the person I'm traveling with is still in the working world we will leave early Friday and arrive at the Mount Rushmore area shortly after lunch. We would then have the rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday until at least  three or so to explore (unless we decide to spend a third night and head out at dawn on Monday). Never having been in SD my tentative thoughts were to spend Friday afternoon at Mount Rushmore, Saturday at Badlands National Park, and Sunday in Deadwood (driving through Sturgis and Wall at some point as part of these expeditions).  What do you think?  Am I realistic? Overreaching?  I'd like to see Devil's Tower as well, but I think that and the Little Big Horn Battlefield will need to be a separate trip.  Tell me everything, but do remember that while I can walk, I cannot climb, as such. 

My planned Mapquest route, so far!

And now, I'm off to have some lunch, hit the pool and yes, fill out a form for the IRS (a separate story)!


  1. Custer State Park ... lots of bison (or is it buffalo?) Definitely see Falls Park in Sioux Falls if you can. We went out several years ago ... our trip to Deadwood got derailed when wildfires forced the town to evacuate.

  2. I will check that out as well, we have limited time on this one so we may not even make our decision until after we get there in August!

  3. While heading to Mount Rushmore try and get to the mammoth pit south of there. We really enjoyed it.

    God bless.


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