Friday, July 31, 2015

The Mid-Year Evaluation

Yes, Indeed, a lovely August day in North Texas

I'm been having a very relaxing time while visiting my daughter. She and her partner have cooked every day (or we've gone out to eat).  I've enjoyed the outdoor pool time and relaxing in the sun, as we no longer have a community pool.  I've even joined in some of that north Texas shopping spirit, hitting a clothing store I love (but does not extend to Colorado), different quilt shops, and more. Tonight we will go to Perry's Steak House (were my daughter works) and enjoy steak, lobster and deconstructed lemon meringue pie. As I mentioned on the Facebook page, I even had to break down and have a Whataburger!  In and Out burger?  No thanks!!

Best. Burgers. Ever.
I'm also having some self entertainment time. My daughter goes to school full time, as well as working.  She's understandably loath to take time off right now, when they are putting money into their new house (better fencing to keep in the dogs, furniture and rugs...). Moving from a small apartment to a three bedroom house requires some immediate investment, no mater how frugal you are. This means that today and tomorrow, they will both be working from about 2 PM until the restaurant closes.

Not quite as bright as I had hoped, but a work in progress!

As always, I have plenty to do.  Now that I've figured out the pattern on my drop stitch scarf, I'm on my way. I brought a quilt to hem.  I'm working on the food and craft/activities for my Friday nights at the women's shelter, trying to come up with a plan for six months in advance.  I've read two books on kindle this week, and tried to walk or move in the pool daily.  I'm making a T-shirt quilt, and plan to blog extensively on this with a tutorial, as many people,e have asked about the process. T-shirt quills are very easy, especially if you have better math skills than I.

In the works.....

I'm also doing some mid year planning, both in terms of retirement finances, goals, and planned activities/travel. Now, the reality is that the half year was over at the beginning of July, making me just a tad behind. Then I again, I prefer to do most of my planning at this time of year, looking ahead through the summer.  I'm not sure why this is, exactly.  Almost all of my jobs, part time or otherwise, have had to do with children's programs so that may have something to do with it. It may well be because summer is my down time (little travel as compared to others), who knows. 

My end goal of course, is to end up with a flexible list of plans for the next year, from things to make, places to go,work to be done,  and obligations to keep.  I'll follow that with a budget adjustment for the year, including specific expenses that I expect to make each month, so I know if my budget needs to be supplemented or cut.

Being me, the stream of consciousness girl, today's portion of that planning has had more to do with notes than with spread sheets. I've simply allowed myself to write down everything that is in my head that I expect to happen, want to do, or need to do.  It's the easiest way  I know to begin, and let's me be open to all the alternatives in my head.  Once that's done I'll walk away, leave it in the old "mental computer" and return tomorrow or the next day. 

My working Notebook!

Its a process and all and all will probably take a month, but it works for me.  In the end, I'll know where I may want to adjust, where i can be more and less flexible, and how much down time I'll need to be just me.

And so I sit on my daughter's reclining sofa with my legs up, a notebook on one side, my knitting on the other, beverage and napping pillow at hand.  

I'll let you know how it goes!!


  1. Never heard of Whataburger. Is it worth the trip to Texas? Anyway, isn't it exciting to begin making plans ... the possibilities are endless!

    1. Don't know about a special trip for a fast food burger, but if you're in Texas anyway.....

  2. Plans for the next year........ I do this at the beginning of December most of the time. However starting now would give a person plenty of time to think and budget.

    God bless.

  3. I'll have to wait until November to plan~ unexpected plans got in the way!
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful visit!

    1. I'd say with the move and everything, your plate is pretty full!

  4. We were reviewing the budget and vague plans - I think we just might have it turned around!! Thanks for the nudge!


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