Monday, August 17, 2015

About Those Knees................

 Note that while this post is about knee health, no knee photos are included. Discretion being the better part of valor, I deliberately avoided photos of elevated, chubby, bruised knees with iodine stains-hopefully to the benefit of all. 

It's a beautiful Monday here in the neighborhood, with a high in the mid eighties for a change.  Nevertheless, I'll be spending my day in the sitting position, mainly with knees raised.  This morning, joy of joys, I had cortisone injections in both my knees.  This particular Monday, I'll remain close to my chair and knee pillow, yes I will.

After three years in Colorado, I finally met with a new orthopedic doctor.  Although I have not mentioned it here, I have a very sensitive spot on one side of my tail bone, leading me to believe I had started walking unevenly, perhaps favoring one leg over the other.

On the bright side, my new fellow signed me up for rehab to six to eight weeks and a massage therapy appointment.  He also, to my surprise, let me know that he fully approved of my marijuana experimentation.  Yep, this fairly conservative, mainstream surgeon said he would rather see me taking marijuana than he would Tylenol Arthritis or a prescription such as Celebrex.  I have been given validation and encouragement to continue my alternative journey!!  (Since I am in a legal state, I always mention this drug use when ask to list medicines for any doctor or clinic, just as I would aspirin).

For those wondering, I'll post a follow up eventually.  Right now, I am using an edible brownie or cookie about three hours before I plan to go to bed, and I am sleeping much better and through pain.  I'm also using topical remedies and rubs, experimenting with various strengths and uses.  More to come on that.

The down sides of my visit?  The realization that in the next three years, I may need to more seriously consider a knee replacement (although not before a good fifty pound weight loss). It is still something that is out there in the future, but it is now on my long term horizon, general anesthesia issues or no. As Scarlet would say though, I'll think about that tomorrow.  Meanwhile, the other downside/upside of my day is cortisone injections in my knee.  Having  the pain tolerance of a four year old, I did punch the pillow and swear rather than hurting the nice technician.  However, as often happens, the knees feel worse before they feel better (for about four days) and today will be extremely painful.

So here I sit on a bright Monday morning. This will give me time to list all of the books I have read in the last year (on Pinterest or the blog), blog about my mid year financial and lifestyle evaluation, quilt a design on the two quilts I have ready to work on, read and maybe even nap.  

Or maybe.....................................I'll nap first.


  1. My hubby has had total knee replacements both knees. He is now pain free (at least knee pain) and wishes he had done it sooner. I am glad you found an ortho who sounds like he will work with you. Hope you get some relief from the cortisone.

  2. Oh, I hate that knee pain! I've got one bad knee and one bad ankle, both from old injuries. Weight loss will definitely help (I lost abt. 15 lbs. a few years ago and it absolutely eased the burden on my joints); but I too have heard that knee replacements are about as close to a miracle cure as you can get.

  3. Your doc sounds wonderful. Hope P/T helps after the cortisone. Massage I've never tried because it isn't covered by my insurance.... wishing you the best with all your interesting options.

  4. WE need to make a pac on weight loss for our knees.
    Hope you can find the relief that you need.


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