Sunday, August 23, 2015

This Weekend In Retirement

 Just a quick note:  We have a winner for the SAS she gift certificate!

Once a month on Friday morning I meet for one of my two book groups. We are blessed to have a really good independent bookstore in the immediate area, and this grouping in front of the fireplace is where we meet weekly for knitting and drinks as well as for this particular group.  Our book this month was "The Light Between Oceans". It was not the best book, and I rated it a seven, but it was not bad for a first novel.

 After that I picked up two books (one of them downloaded to my kindle) for my Osher Lifelong Learning Classes.

After a stimulating book group, I figured "Why not?", and drove myself to the Village Inn.  I had french toast and sausage and an egg.  For lunch.  Because. 

Fortunately, I also took my daily walk, definitely needed today!  Afterwards I did some errands, and was remind of one of the many reasons I love living in Colorado: The mountain view, almost everywhere you go.  Even during errands on a hazy, summer day!

The rest of the day was spent reading, sewing, and eating leftovers-a typical summer Friday, although I did remind myself that we need to eat out on the patio more, while we can!

Saturday was a completely lazy summer day. I started and finished a book on the same day, reading it much of it on my perch on the glider (it is really hard to get reasonably priced glider pillows and cushions, let me tell ya!).

While I was outside, I also took some pictures, first of my pergola (above the swing), as we are looking to enclose it to be more useful year around-at this point I'm thinking corrugated plastic is the best option. I also took a picture of my tree-I have an estimate that says it can be saved, one that says it cannot be saved and one that says basically, let's just watch it. Either way there are broken branches from the winter above our reach that must be removed.  I really hope the tree can be saved, but the final decision rests with brother and sister in law after all the estimates.

I spent a few minutes and booked a September vacation-a long weekend to Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, and Deadwood - perhaps with a side trip to Sturgis or Wall.  Mid-September is late enough that some of the tourists should be gone, but early enough that weather should be in the sixties or seventies.  A trip to Manitou Springs is in the works for either next weekend or the holiday weekend. The photo below is from the NPS webpage, not mine!

Because it's that time of year I pulled out all of my Christmas fabrics on hand, and put it out in various forums, including my quilting Facebook page, asking for opinions on what to do with the various fabrics. The picture below is just one collection. Meanwhile I worked on some knitting, hoping to finish the scarf for myself and start on a Christmas gift. 

The rest of my Saturday was spent mindlessly reading, watching the dogs amuse themselves and appreciating the cooking of others. I also watched a tiny bit of golf and baseball because, well, preseason football is not football. I am counting the days down, people.

Today I went to church. This afternoon I plan to spend as much time as possible outside. I have a book to finish, dinner on the patio is planned, I could use an afternoon walk, and maybe, just maybe, I'll hit a movie this evening. 

I've been going to a second church, alternating with my other church (this one is closer and easier for weekday activities, so I now have two church families. Meanwhile, tomorrow is the "seniors" or young at heart trip to the botanical gardens. I ended up not doing this, because while I enjoy my new church, I think that still working family and friends would like to go this weekend, and I would rather join in that group.  I'll experiment with those "young at heart folks" another time!!

Image result for denver botanic gardens

And so it goes this Sunday in retirement.


  1. Sounds like a very pleasant weekend. It is too hot and humid here on the Texas Gulf Coast to enjoy any outdoor activities.

    1. Yep, that's why I said farewell to my daughter after a one week visit (and that was north of you in Dallas) and told her I'd be back in October or November!!

  2. What lovely photo's. Love the mountains in the distance.

    God bless.


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