Friday, September 11, 2015

I Now Have a Retirement Schedule-What Was I Thinking?

Well, those proverbial lazy hazy days of summer are still with us, temperature wise. The next week temperatures will range from 84 to 91 here in beautiful Colorado.  On the other hand, as other bloggers have noted, the activities they are a changing.

This was one of those summers that I did, really, not a thing. This is not to say I stared at the wall all summer by any means. I took a single road trip, and I did do many of the things that I do year around. On the other hand, I spent an extraordinary amount of time sitting on the patio reading, relaxing and enjoying the sun, daydreaming, and more.  Almost all of my weekly activities were closed for the summer, leaving me with piles of free time. And believe me, I enjoyed every single, lazy, fun filled minute.

Now though, things are picking up. Not only are they picking up, but I've added a few things to my retirement schedule.  It's to the point, dear friends, that I have had to make myself a weekly schedule!  Regular and long time readers know that I am schedule phobic as a rule.  In fact, I'm still a fly by my pants, decide what I'm going to do fifteen minutes before I do it type of person. Most of the time. The reason for making this so called schedule was to make sure that I have time to do all the day dreaming, reading, and seat of the pants creativity that I enjoy, as this is more outside involvement than I have done in a while. Engagement will not be an issue this fall.

Let me tell all you hyper organized type A's out there-for the rest of us, scheduling fun is kind of an oxymoron. I can't remember when I did it last, it was certainly pre-retirement. And in fact I'm not scheduling fun-I'm just making sure that the time is open and available to do all that seat of the pants stuff. And that I have writing time for my memoir class and three hours of reading time for my Bible class. I need time for physical therapy and an hour of swimming four times a week. I have four quilts for charity, two road trips planned and....

Good Grief, what have I done!!



  1. Sighs, I am one of those schedule people. Can't help it.

    God bless.

    1. I admire you, that is just soo not me!!

  2. What? Barb has a schedule? That's my first thought as I read the title of this post. It's true how the season can dictate the schedule. Gone are the "lazy, hazy" days of summer with shorter daylight hours and cooler temps some days reminding us of what's to come. The menu changes up as well with an interest in slow cook foods and soups. I believe in scheduling down time. Too often we tell ourselves that we will read the book, watch the clouds, set on the porch when our work is done. Truly, are we ever done? And consequently, we don't take that down time.

    1. Well see how long said schedule lasts, Im considering looking into dropping one of my classes to make more of that down time!


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