Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Yes!! I AM Ready for Some Football (of both varieties)

I have a confession to make.  I have just finished three days of watching football (four if you count last Thursday night).  For the moment at least I am in heaven. My now most readers know that I love football (American football and "real" football). I don't follow baseball or professional basketball although I occasionally watch the finals/playoffs).  The only other sport I watch is college basketball and the occasional tennis match. 

I fully admit am notorious, and sometimes obnoxious. Every August I raise my glass during the pre-season and cry "But that's not real football".  Only the real thing for me. 

Right now in this house, we are in hog heaven, because not only has football season arrived, but we are also able to watch all the European soccer leagues on television (it used to be only some and most were via the computer).  Let's just say the TV has been on a lot for the last few weeks. Unfortunately our favorite team lost in the semi finals and now we are back to regular soccer on Saturday mornings, followed by college football. 
Image result for bayern munich players

Now, I know I have lost about half of my regular readers but so it is.  Eventually of course, things will calm down. I'll probably be happy to watch a couple games each day.  Meanwhile football season is a chance to have a beer in the middle of the day with no excuse, a reason to sit and knit, and an excuse for an at home backyard tail gate.

And while I belong to no fantasy league, have no bracket and would not share my choices if I did, I can say this: Go Broncos, Go Michigan State and Go Bayern Munich.

And so it goes................

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  1. What a wonderful thing...fall, football and happiness. I like it a lot. (I am the half that is still reading. :) )


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