Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Moving into Organizational Mode for Fall and Winter

Sorry folks, I came back and then I disappeared. Had an emergent issue to resolve and was trying to sew for that seasonal opportunity (which I've now dropped, more on that later). Expect a couple blogs  each week, usually on Monday and Thursday!

Regular readers know that I am one of those folks who tends to live seasonally in the extreme.  I tend to be very lazy in the summer, for example. Summer is for down time, for enjoying the yard and the neighborhood, for relaxing travel such as a trip to the beach or the amusement park. Dining is casual and it is a very slow time for me.  Most of my regular activities tend to cancel in the summer or have more irregular meeting schedules as others also travel, take long drives or take the grand kids to the amusement park.

   On the other hand, fall has traditionally been more of an organizational and preparation time.  Rather than spring cleaning, I do things like that in the fall, in preparation for the cool weather. I shop and cook differently. This is the time I plan for those early spring trips when I am ready to leave the cold for awhile. It's the time I want the house cleanest for those holiday dinners, and it's the time I look into cool weather clothing in earnest, to make sure I am prepared. I also like to give a serious look at my schedule and plans for the new year, re-evaluating my priorities. This is not about things like caulking my house, or putting away lawn furniture (which we don't generally do here in Colorado). It's about "getting it together" if you will.

I haven't gotten nearly as far as I wanted to on this list of things to do. Early fall brought me  commitments from Olli classes, extreme volunteering, and a couple Indian Summer-ish road trips,  

This week, because classes have ended and there is the Veteran's Day holiday (two of my regular gigs are on Wednesdays), I have more free time and good weather, so I have made a list of things to do (yes, everyone, you read that right-I made a to do list for the next couple of weeks)  Because I am who I am, the chances of me finishing this list in a two weeks is, of course, not in the cards. Nevertheless, these are the things I want to get done......sometime soon!!
  • Clean out the freezers and make a list of what the heck is in there. Even though this is a two person household, we have full freezers. I've written before about how I shop for so little per month, and buying loss leader meats and coking large amounts of things and freezing them in two person sizes is a big one. 
  • Finish my annual evaluation and set priorities as to how I want to spend my time and energies in the new year. I've already set those priorities as health, home and family, church and community, travel and creativity/education/engagement (still can't find a single title for that one). Now to plan some specific implementation if you will.
  • Organize my closet for my lifestyle.  I'll never be a part of the 333 clothing project, for two reasons.  First, I live in a climate where it can be 70 one day and 21 degrees the next (and sometimes both on the same day).  Second, I rely on help to get down the stairs to do my laundry (this house is retirement perfect except there is no place for a washer and dryer on the first floor). That said, my aim is to make sure everything goes together and that I have nothing in my closet I do not wear.
  • Organize the trusty studio. This is the busiest time of the sewing year for me, even when I am only sewing for friends and gifts. I recently added shelves and a table, and need to sit down and figure out all the fabric I have (along with paints, scrapbook supplies and more). At this rate, I'll be making a Christmas quilt and a team quilt a week-so I need to be at least a little bit organized.
  • Go through the Christmas stuff early. Every year I realize I have Christmas stuff I don't use, and every year I promise to gift it to kids who may want it or donate. This year my plan is to get two bins, give each child the ornaments I got them as kids and divide some other stuff-possibly creating a beginning Christmas Village for each kid.
  • Clean the fireplace and get Dura-logs. This is not an organizing deal as such, but it's gotta get done!
  • Do a major clean of each room.  I do not clean my house as a rule in the real sense. I clean the bathrooms, and I vacuum a dust a couple times a week as the need hits. Other than that, I clean the inside of the microwave after dinner if it needs it.  So doing a top to bottom clean is, like, out of my comfort zone. 
  • Block out specific dates for things like my long term spring road trip, and other events so that I can plan, budget and organize in advance on some level. I'm a seat of my pants gal when it comes to things like travel and entertainment, as most know. I also know that when it comes to getting good deals, one either looks far ahead or at the last minute.
  • Shred, shred, and shred. Or start taking boxes of shredding to UPS bit by bit. I went through my files, including taxes that I had from, get this, 1994!!  I now have a full bin of papers that need to be shredded or hand torn. I guess this is my new in front of the TV project!
  • Finally, I have GOT to get those family recipes and pictures organized for the recipe books I hope to give family members for Christmas.  I may not have a picture of every cookie or plate, but I am working on it.
And there you have them, my good intentions. These will be the basis for a blog a week I imagine, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Now, I'm off to have warm pumpkin pie and whipped cream for lunch (don't judge me too harshly). 

Coming in the next couple of days, and update on my Olli class experience as well as an involved post about me, pot, and my arthritis.


  1. I dunno ... you're making me feel guilty because I've been meaning to organize the basement and I still haven't gotten around to it; and you're making me feel jealous because I want a piece of that pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

    1. Well now, I didn't say it would all get done! And pumpkin is a superfood, after all!!

  2. Your to-do list sounds a lot like mine - manage the freezer, organize the photos & get to some scrapbooking, go through the closets/dressers and manage the clothing. In an effort to manage the freezer, I'm in a shop at home mode. I vow not to buy any more meat until I've depleted the current store. I'm almost there. There's a European trip 9 mos in the future that needs final detailing and some painting to be done. It seems that there's always something to do with personal goals, home, family and community.

  3. You mentioned you needed confidential shredding done. You might want to chk with your local urban gov't to see if that service isn't provided. I utilize that service locally at least once per year, and all I have to do it deliver it to a site that unloads it for me. Never had a problem as it is thoroughly supervised.
    Really interested in the pot/arthritis update.



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