Friday, January 29, 2016

A Rocky Mountain High-Retirement That is!

Over the Christmas holidays, we drove to Dallas for Christmas.  Since it was scheduled to be eighty degrees both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we stowed our coats in the back of the car, rather than in the back seat.  As we were approaching the beautiful downtown center of Amarillo, my son said to me "Oh, It will be fifty degrees in Amarillo, so we will be fine.". He of course, was thinking of fifty degrees in Colorado-where you are a mile closer to the son, and it is partly sunny every day. A sunny day in Denver means you wear a hoodie at he most,k and often stow it in the car.  Car windows may even be rolled down.

Unfortunately, we were no longer in Colorado. We were on the windy plains under dark skies, and in Amarillo at fifty degrees, I was reaching (literally) for my anorak in the back of the car.  Fortunately it was almost eighty in Dallas - at least for two days. Then of course, there was a killer tornado, then freezing rain, then seventy degrees and sunny. All within five days. You really have to love Texas weather.

This weekend, it is supposed to snow, and not just light dusting.  Not something I love.  But you know what?  Last week it snowed for a day straight, giving us  a half a foot of snow.  The thing is though, by about one the next day, my car was completely clear, and without my cleaning it off. 

Many long time readers know that although I wanted to be closer to family, I did have some real hesitation about the weather.  The truth is that there are days when I stay inside due to the snow, and in fact I have looked at least briefly at snow birding. But for much of the year the Denver weather is perfect for those of us who like the four seasons, and I'm not the only one who thinks so.  Retirees are flocking to Colorado. And to Utah, and to Boise.  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of retirees who still head to the Florida, Arizona or other southern areas. The Austin and Hill country areas of Texas have doubled their number of retirees.

I can only guess the reasons for relocation to some of these areas. Most of my retired friends come from the true cold cold north (Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, the Dakotas and New England), but I have other retired friends who have moved from Texas and southern climes as well. The sunny-ness level is certainly a positive, as is the access to so many things to do without being in a huge city.  It is one can be "out in the suburbs" and reach downtown Denver with ease.

When I moved north, my plan at that time was to at least consider the snow bird lifestyle. During the first two years,  was determined to stay in Denver, not do too much long term traveling, and spend my time acclimating and making new connections. I have done that, and am prepared to do some more serious traveling (or vacationing, as I will spend a week at the beach)  beginning in late spring and early summer. 

One of my planned trips is to vacation for at least a week in the Corpus Christi area of Texas, stopping in San Antonio on the way and Houston on the return.  While there, I will  be checking out the various snowbird and retirement sites, including some I have checked out online. If I ever do snowbird, it will surely be on the water. 

In truth though, I think that will not be the choice. In the future, I'll be sure to take a couple weeks, perhaps twice each time, in the winter and early spring, on an as needed basis. As for snow birding, I don't think it's for me, at least anytime soon.

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  1. Harvey and I were talking today about all the snowbirds from this province that head to Florida or Arizona. We wondered if we would ever join the mad rush south.

    After some discussion, while getting away for a week or two is something we could look forward to. Going away for any longer would drive us crazy. We would be much too far away from family to really enjoy it for an extended period of time.

    God bless.


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