Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Setting a Few Retirement Goals

Here we are in the new year, but I have yet to set New Year's Goals, resolutions or even pick a word for the year.  Call me unfocused! I guess that while I do have goals, dreams and things I want to get done, I'm not sure I'm up to planning for, or committing to a year of doing much of anything.

Still, there are those things I want to get accomplish in retirement, and I have jumped back into my post holiday schedule. I'm signed up for OLLI classes on The Wyeth family as well as a memory writing boot camp. My knitting and crafting and book groups are back in full force, as well as my other retirement activities and commitments. I've even picked up a new volunteering gig, doing the same things I do now (educating and providing programs) at a second residential shelter.

Even I find I need to set a few goals each month, and roughly map out my days (at least those few routine must get done tasks part of my day). These goals don't include my exercising, prayer times, meetings, quilting or other stuff that I do all the time-those seem to flow pretty easily. These are the extra things I want to get done before February is finished.  I will of course blog about this as I fit them into my schedule-at least whenever possible:

  • Be present in whatever I am doing (If I had a word of the year, it would be present). Do one thing at a time, and do it and enjoy it fully
  • Read one non fiction and one classic book this month and blog about them
  • Write at least five full pages or journal entries in my family history for the kids ( I am committed to writing every day for half an hour, but these are finished projects I want to have done, in book or notebook form)
  • Adjust the blog to show the creative stuff. Mondays will be make it Monday, Fridays will be frugal retirement related and Wednesday will be-whatever I'm moved to write about.
  • Complete one charity quilt this month for the kids at the shelter. 
  • Do the physical planning for one road trip (train trip to California) and one Destination Drive (To the Gulf Coast for a week via two different directions there and back). Do everything but make exact reservations as I am still working on dates.
  • Make a weekly outing (February is fairly festival-less and fair-less so this month requires planning), and plan one day trip/overnight. So far I am going to high tea and a castle tour with a friend, and taking myself to the movies and lunch alone.
  • Plan out my activity themes and projects for the residential shelter craft nights for six months out.
  • Partake in the 365 day photo challenge, if only so I increase my skills with my phone camera.
  • Get a legs only massage (another post is coming on my poor legs, as I now have an additional issue
  • Take advantage of restaurant week twice
  • Make one Piece of clothing
  • Make Valentine gifts for everyone in my various groups and clubs (I was not there for any of the Christmas parties/Gift exchanges but got things given to me when I returned)
  • Take the test to become a licensed food handler. Colorado has cottage food laws, and I would love to had homemade decorated cookies and the like to my little income streams here and there.
And there you have it, the things I hope to get done in retirement in January and February. Like I said, this list doesn't include the basic things that I write down and try to do daily, such as walk, meditate, try and keep my house under control. It doesn't even include the things that I do all the time, without thinking, like sewing and quilting and reading mindless drivel. I wanted to keep it short and sweet, and who knows after this month to come I may need to keep it even shorter and sweeter.

For now though, I'm off to the proverbial races, starting with a half hour of writing about my mom....


  1. Loved your goals for the months of January and February. I find if I make monthly goals I am much more likely to keep them.

    God bless.

  2. I wish I was half as organized as you are. I'll be looking forward to those book reviews -- I'm always looking for something to read.

  3. Wow. You made me tired just reading your list. But you also made me see that the lists I make for myself are not as out of reach as I think they are. Just have to take one goal at a time.


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