Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow Day

Yes folks, you know you are in Colorado when it was sixty five plus degrees and sunny on the weekend, and this appears outside your window two days later.

Through the dirty screens, as I wasn't ready to reach out the door this morning!
Having become a weather wimp in my middle age, these are the days that make my brain yell, "Snowbird next year".  Only...it was sixty five and sunny last weekend, and it will be fifty plus degrees and sunny again in just a few days (thankfully sunny days and elevation make the weather feel ten degrees warmer!). As an example, I have dirty screens because I use them year around and don't take them down in the winter. They were open last weekend and may well be this weekend for awhile.

So while i have committed to some warm beach vacations (and even a winter cruise) in my immediate and long term future, I can manage for this year (and other years) by knowing that my self enforced hibernation today is nothing compared to those who live in the Northeast, Midwest, and dark Northwest. 

This means that while I am willingly housebound today (and possibly part of tomorrow), I am keeping myself busy and warm. Today I am:
-Keeping the heat at seventy four at a minimum (it was at seventy five for awhile), and lowering it no lower than seventy since we have a brief spurt of ten degree weather overnight. Yes, I am willing to pay the cost for comfortable heating, and not having to wear three or four layers. I would cut many things before my heat.
-Eating real eggs, two pieces of toast slathered with butter and sugar and cinnamon and a glass of real OJ rather than my usual cutie or orange. My version of comfort food. 

-Staying in my sweats, fuzzy socks and thermal shirts. The chance of someone appearing on my doors step is fairly slim today.

-Pulling out a ham steak and potatoes for mashing, and being thankful that I am one of those people who stocks up. This snowstorm is a 48 hour deal that will melt in two days, but I could live from my pantry and freezer and feed company for a week if I had to.

-Downloading a new kindle book with no regard to price. Last year I spent way too much on kindle books and have vowed to use the library and access more free books. Sometimes, though, you just gotta do what you gotta do.

-Reading said book on my old faded, shared with a dog chair and a half. I'm searching for a recliner, finally. But it has to be a non rocking version (so the dog can jump in), and one where the seat is not lower than my knees when I sit down. It also needs to close up via a handle or lever, not by me using my legs (cause that will never happen. More about what's new with my leg another time).

-Watching my college student clear of our walk and driveway (it's still snowing) with the electric shovel purchased today and then going off to do a couple quick jobs. His college schedule fills up four whole days each week this semester, leaving him only snow days and Friday and Saturday to do odd jobs, snow removal or anything else. 

-Promising myself that I will either finish the current project on my sewing table and/or start designing a quilt with these fabrics and enter it into a challenge contest. 

-Really appreciating the fact that because I am retired, I don't need to leave the house unless I want to. No employer is going to suggest, for example, that because he or she made it to work, I should do the same. Volunteer and social obligations understand missing a day or rescheduling.

-Looking at this all-year seasonal ornament tree I got and trying to decide if I am going to make paper and fabric ornaments for my home, or donate this to my residential homeless shelter. Since I love to see their eyes light up, probably the latter.

-Thinking about a fire, but only halfheartedly. I am blessed to have a well insulated house, so it's really for ambiance rather than warmth and we keep it small using Dura-logs or pinion wood. 

Right now the snow is supposed to stop by dinner time. So tomorrow I should be able to head over to knitting in the afternoon, and may be ready for a hot toddy at happy hour.  Meanwhile, excuse me if I snuggle just  a bit!   




  1. You are enjoying a cold day indoors just as one should. In comfort. Have you thought about getting an electric recliner. Those are quite fabulous especially if you have trouble getting up and down. You could probably find a good used one around since they are rather expensive brand new. I bought one for my mother several years ago. I moved it into the care home with her until they told me there was no room for it. Now I have it at home. I first was going to get rid of it but it has come in handy.

    1. My Dad had one of those too and loved the ease of it.

    2. Thanks ladies, I will check it out. I actually don't have trouble getting down as such, just the up. And I have right leg weakness so closing the recliner by kicking it down will not work. Always looking for solutions!

  2. Those eggs look good ... what's outside your window does not!

    1. You are so right. But today there is not a cloud in the sky and it is very sunny albeit still cold, so I expect that by tomorrow things will be much better!

    2. Thanks for the great post, Barbara. I read it while cuddled up in a blanket, next to our fireplace. I had planned to get up and walk to our gym. Now I am thinking that I will likely make myself some eggs instead...and sit back down near the fireplace!

  3. La-z-y Boy has a really nice lady's recliner. If the seat is not high enough the have little additions that go on it to make it higher. I have had mine for five years, use it all the time and it doesn't look worn at all. I have. Small Bichon Frise that has no trouble getting up and down.

  4. I love following you through your day. Thank you for a few minutes of absolute peace. Be well.


  5. Ahhh, a day to just snuggle in and "be". The best of all possible days.

    God bless.


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