Monday, February 15, 2016

Stay At Home Monday-Some Crafting Here, Some Reading There

Most of the time, I try really hard to make my regular weekly commitments on Tuesday through Thursdays. I don't always succeed, but I sure try. This makes for some busy days, and for some quiet days, with nothing in between, but that's okay.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I have two three-hour volunteer stints, and a class in the morning. A knitting group, exercise classes and other things, including a Thursday evening class fill in on those days . My monthly commitments like my book groups,quilting groups, and lunch out fill in on the evenings or on Fridays. Fridays is the day I leave for a  spur of the moment get-together, my various book groups, going to the movies or on a day trip, or just plain doing errands.

Monday on the other hand, is my stay at home day, literally. On occasion I have an evening class. Other than that, many if not most days I do not leave my home except to walk. I am one of those singles who enjoys being alone, and am not lonely. In fact, I often crave solitude. One of my concerns with sharing a house was getting plenty of alone time-I don't fear being alone, just the opposite. Because I am the only non working person in the house, I get my alone time as needed. When that situation changes I may need to adjust to living in a much smaller, yet solo place-who knows.

Stay at home Monday as not "work at home Monday". I have not cleaned a house, emptied a dishwasher or looked at my vacuum. Monday is my time, for me all day. On this particular Monday, I've done a bit of everything.

To start with, I spent a good hour or so sewing the strips for this very bright quilt. I had to stop both because I realized I had not added any pink or red to the mix, and because it is still slow going with my finger wrapped in batting. 

I've begun to read the books for one of my book clubs, Circling the Sun. While this is not what I would have chosen it is a fascinating book about Beryl Markham, and I imagine anyone who enjoys things like Out of Africa (even the movie), or The Paris Wife will like this one. Admittedly I am not finished. 

I did take some time to start one "housekeeping task", that of chest freezer organization.  The picture below is not my freezer, but you get the idea. I'll post a complete after. Right now, all I've done is taken a  couple really large cloth tote bags and set them upright in the freezer, one holding meats and one holding cooked and frozen leftovers.  What a difference that few minutes made, let me tell ya!  

I took  a twenty minute walk. Where I live it's exactly twenty or working on forty five minutes depending on the route. With my leg, I'm not willing to walk that second distance without a backup. On the days I want to walk thirty minutes or more (and think I can), I go to Target, where if said leg gives out I am not alone or far from home.

My sole nod to paperwork or organizing in any way other than the freezer was to quickly print out a destination map of my late April beach trip to the gulf coast, so that I can keep it in my day planner.

The rest of today? I can't decide. A ninety minute episode of Jack Taylor on Netflix with popcorn and soda?  An hour perusing Pinterest looking for more Easter ideas like this one? Or maybe, since it's sixty outside and sunny, I'll take a nap-with a dog on each side!


  1. Sounds likes you've got your weekly schedule well planned and thought out and something nice to look forward to in April.

  2. It's good to take a day off now and then. Once a week? That's even better!


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