Monday, June 27, 2016

How About That Supreme Court, Folks!

This morning as I sat down to write, I had two blog posts in mind that I had written last week and never gotten posted. Only, before I sat down to write, I glanced at the news of the day-and decided that for this morning at least, I needed to say something else.

I have made a commitment to stay away from politics on this blog except for rare occasions, and know full well that I posted something more than mildly political not to long ago. But as a woman, especially one of a certain age, this was one I could not ignore, so bear with me and the fun stuff will be back this afternoon.

For those non-newsreaders, this morning the Supreme Court upheld abortion rights in a huge way. They did so in such a manner, that even had their been a conservative judge as number nine, those rights still would have been upheld.  In other words, all the posturing about waiting to appoint a judge who would be conservative? All for naught.

For those unfamiliar with the state of Texas laws, Texas was requiring that abortions be performed in a hospital setting, with stricter rules than for any other outpatient procedure, including colonoscopies. Couched in terms of protecting women, this was to an easy way to close down abortion and reproductive clinics in Texas, or so they thought. They court also held up a gun ban for those convicted of any kind of domestic violence that was passed at a state level.

For my very conservative friends who read this blog (of which I have more than a few) I need to add this observation-and I say this as one who lives with and is close friends with those whose politics are much more conservative than mine, so here I go:

The bottom line is that the United States as a population has advanced on social issues, and the conservative portion of the Republican part not only has not advanced, they ignore the fact that the majority of Americans do not hold their views. The majority of people in this country are in favor of reproductive rights, marriage equality and the equal treatment of all including Muslims.

In other words, I don't think the 49 percent, or the one percent, has anything to do with why Republicans, especially conservatives, consistently lose at  the national level. It's not about the economy, it's about social issues. A party platform that wants to repeal Roe V Wade and return to Don't Ask Don't Tell and the Defense of Marriage Act is probably not going to be successful. And while I may support a Republican at the local level, depending on his views, at the national level there is simply not a snowball's chance in hell.

In other words, Donald Trump is an idiot, a buffoon and an embarrassment. If he were to win, I expect the folks who voted for him would be like the folks in England right now. Dear God, what have we done. However, in the words of my very Republican son, "He's not freaking Ted Cruz". And there you have it. You reap what you sew.

Just as an aside, my son and his conservative friends, (all of whom are slowly drifting away from the Republican party) all agree that the greatest threat to their personal future is.........the environment, global warming, and the way we treat the planet. And this comes from millennials who are struggling financially, have huge school debt and very good reason to put financial security at the top of their lists. My son would couch it in scientific terms, to paraphrase him. They are intelligent young people who know that Global warming is a fact, just as they know that their gay friends were born that way, created by God if you will. These kids are the future folks, and they don't buy the non-financial stuff that conservatives are selling-with good reason.

As a woman of my generation, of a certain age if you will, I can never relax when it comes to reproductive rights, and occasionally worry that women my daughter's age forget how they got to be where they are. But today I am encouraged on many levels, and hoping that this will be a precedent and a guideline for other states in the future on this issue.

And to the NRA folks who wanted these two spouse abusers to be allowed to carry guns? I say Ha!!! and Ha!! again.

Back to frugal retirement spending and more.....this evening.



  1. Thank you - I couldn't have said it better myself.

  2. Hear, hear! Best thing I've read all day ! Watched Anderson 360 tonite and one of the speakers said that Trump will drop out before the convention since he doesn't like to lose. Can we please get a huge Amen and pray that it comes to pass? The Supreme Court decision made my heart happy. Let's start turning things around that aren't what's right and good for us all. Thanks Barbara!

  3. Right on, sister. I marched at the first Women's Equality Day in August 1970. We can never go back to how things were.

  4. global warming is a lie and conservatives are much better than democrats.


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