Friday, June 17, 2016

Lazy Summer Friday

 Summer is here and the living is easy-sort of!

In the past week, most of my activities and groups have taken a summer break. No classes, no regular meetings. Other than a day of volunteering, and my regular knitting group, my summer is mainly free, and I am loving every hot and lazy minute of it. While I may travel in July, right now I am enjoying my yard and taking the "do what I feel like" thing to the extreme. Today was a lazy day, although as I look back at the end of the day, I did more than I thought.

Being the slow riser that i am, of course I got up, sat by the window and allowed myself to wake up at leisure, after which I made breakfast and picked up the house, or at least picked it up as much as I ever do.  Then, still in my long sundress lounger (I dressed for the day I expected to have, which was completely at home), I took the dogs outside and relaxed for an hour. Not reading, not writing, just swinging-and deciding how best to upgrade my poor pergola and cover it for year around use.

I had to get at least something "constructive" done with my day, so I sat down and put this quilt together for about an hour. What can I say, my niece likes ponies and pink-and purple.

After taking the dogs out in the yard for another half an hour (do you see a trend here?), I grabbed lunch and an ice cream bar and sat down to watch TV. In the daytime. Because I could. I watched an episode or so of the second season of Bloodline on Netflix, knitting when I was done eating.

After deciding not to walk or do aerobics (I move unevenly so I have straining on one side, and I smashed my foot purple and it hurts) until I can do them in a pool, I sat down to one of my many boxes of photos and started pulling. I'm not sure how to organize them, but I have  two free Shutterfly albums to make, so I figured one would be my parents. I just work on these as the mood hits me. And the gendarme with the mustache in the terrible picture on top?  That's my darling husband-in the only non-singing role in all of Fiddler on The Roof. What else is a guy who loves theater and cant sing to do when there's a musical in the works? 

My son came home from his job, we talked about his job searching and landscaping clients-in the back yard of course-and then we both looked at each other when the subject of food came up. That blank look was the notice that I had to come up with something, so I finally threw on some shorts and ran to the store to get brats, beer and salads. And then back into my lounger.

After watching the news and having grilled brats, I chilled for an hour with a book and my laptop, and then I set things out to make more of these Americana crafts when I get to them. Last but not least, I stared and my closet-for a good long while, before I got into bed with laptop and book.

Why was I staring? Well, weight loss is a double edged sword folks. After throwing out everything that did not fit me (much of which was purchased last year after I had to do the same purge), what I have left at least in the bottom department sounds like a chorus of a George Thoroughgood song. One shorts, one pant, and one skirt. I do believe it's time to try and shorten some pants or hit a thrift store or sale, if I want go out in public daily this summer. 

And so it goes, this Friday in retirement. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, so I'll be enjoying my shaded yard, my air conditioning, a good book and some soccer.

And so it goes this Friday in retirement!


  1. LOL - loved the George Thorogood reference! It's stuck in my brain now and I've been singing it off and on.

    Your day sounds much like mine, although I did take our daughters out for some shopping. I love the freedom that summer brings - retired or not, the school year runs on their schedule, but in the summer my husband and I are in charge of our own time. I love waking up with nothing more than a hot cup of coffee to think about.

    1. It's one of my favorite songs, especially the long version and I have trained my son to do the same. Being in charge of your own time is important!

  2. That sounds like a leisurely productive retirement day -- if you just hadn't gotten dressed and gone to the store. Maybe next time!

    1. Yea, I really need to plan a weeks worth of summer eating so I don't have to worry about it. Fortunately stores are close to me!!

  3. The best kind of day when relaxation just falls into place and everything can be slowly enjoyed without guilt.

  4. Sounds as if you had the perfect day.

    God bless.

  5. Everyone needs a day off occasionally ... even if they're retired!

  6. Lazy days are bliss, I agree, and swinging for an hour makes it even sweeter. I like those cute Americana crafts you made.


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