Saturday, June 11, 2016

Foto Friday-Punch Drunk Canines and More

Well, actually it's Foto Saturday I suppose. As often happens, I am behind on the proverbial ball. Please bear with me. I'm determined to get better at using my phone for picture taking and if the pics are blurry, it is due to the operator or the train website below!

A couple weeks ago, my coon hound went to the doctor for his annual visit.  The normal stuff; vaccines, heart worm check and so on. After the vet looked into his adorable ears, she checked out his mouth-and informed me that he had two very broken molars in the back that were infected. We all know that there is no such thing as a free pet, and that's when his cost for the month went from fifty bucks to a good seven hundred. What can I say, he's family.
Barely upright, that's Wilson!

This past week we had a three hour surgery, and said dog has been moved to really really soft food for awhile because of stitches in his mouth. The really fun part was bringing him home and the few days afterwords. On top of being put under for three hours, he was also taking serious drugs, and the anesthetic took a few days to wear off completely. Meanwhile good old Wilson walked around the house punch drunk, looking light he might have eaten one of my pot cookies. I should have taken a video to share the real hilarity.  For those dog owners who may be interested, I thought the broken teeth were from the occasional ice cube that hits the floor from the ice maker. Vet is absolutely sure that it was caused by his Nylabone, so he has now been moved to soft squeaky toys that he tears apart in a week and a Kong toy full of peanut butter! 

After staying home with him for a few days, on Sunday we left the pup alone in order to go to the silent auction at our church. Brunch, games, fun, a bake sale (for which I made key lime tarts) and of course the silent auction. I was very good and bid on nothing this year. I did however, do my share of donations. I put up for auction five trays of various holiday trays, which of course went quickly and for a good amount of money. I also offered up a guest certificate for a wine and chocolate tasting from a local chocolate shop. My new philosophy when it comes to gifts (except for needs of my two kids) is experience, consumable and/or handmade and my donations were in this vein.
Chocolate and wine-both their own food groups

The auction was the beginning of the end in terms of activities on account of summer break. My class ends on Monday, and most of my other classes and groups either slow down for the summer or take a hiatus-the exceptions being volunteering and knitting. This means I'll have more time for using my yard, the swing and using these two adult toys. Summer has come with a vengeance and as of now I'm thinking that cooking will be cold or deli food, slow cooked, or grilled for the next month or so at least.
I will be learning how to use a smoker this weekend, first time ever!

I've been doing much better at walking, at least on the good days (some days my degenerating leg is normal, some days it's a mass of pain). I'm using the pool as exercise, but I am also walking the path-with my cane. My cane, because although they are generally hidden until night, I know that coyotes are living in the dry canal bed next to the bath. I know that they are not interested in people, but I'll carry it anyway-better safe than sorry.

I do love having a walking trail almost right behind my house

Speaking of volunteering, I have had fun this week in between quilting and writing by making decorations for my two shelters. I figure patriotic decor can stay until labor day, and it's pretty cheery, no?  I also managed to get a few summery and 4th of July type decorations out in the old homestead as well. And then, I made some doll quilts and pillows (just because they looked fun), which I'll take over to the family shelter next week. 

Unfortunately my joy was short lived, and I am now seething. As an unfitting end to my week, I discovered that one of the two shelters I volunteer in will close on the the first of July for lack of funding. This particular shelter gets no federal funds and was unable to remain viable. So thirty women, most of whom have chronic physical conditions and wear oxygen or use wheel chairs or walkers (and some who have cancer and are on chemo) will be back on the streets unless an alternative is found. Right now I have no words to express my frustration with the lack of federal funding, and the spending priorities that our government makes. 
The top of Royal Gorge, where you could not pay me to explore a thing.

The train has a viewing platform, and that's where I'll be sitting

Meanwhile, I'll try and think positive and come up with solutions.  Since my mental computer functions best when crafting or walking alone, and I have the house to myself for a couple days, I will try and put it to work.  I have a birthday gift to make, cooking to do for an end of year pot luck, and a day trip coming up. I'm taking a train trip at the Royal Gorge-but in the gorge, not across the top!!!!!

And so it goes this week in retirement.



  1. Handsome dog who ... yeah, looks a bit spacey. But glad he's okay. Eeek, I hope that shelter gets some funding!

  2. Love your posts. I recall the year , in 1995, when my kittie, who had repeat bladder infections needed a surgery-- OF COURSE it was the week my (overly)frugal mother in law was visiting, that Merlin had ANOTHER bout of infection and the vet said a bladder scraping surgery might help (to the tune of $500) My mother in law overheard the conversation and had a hissy fit! We are a DIFFERENT GENERATION --not depression era-- when this would be UNHEARD OF!!!-- so----- I booked the surgery and had to hear it for a week till Mom went back to New Jersey.Merlin GOT BETTER THOUGH!! No more infections after that.Our pets ARE our family!! And yes, it's hot as hades in Arizona..we're eating salads and grilled meals also!! (Actually,Trader Joe has a LOT of ready made fun stuff to eat that's pretty healthy..)

  3. We did the Royal Gorge train ride many, many years ago...Its a beautiful experience

  4. Barb, once again you inspire me to return to one of my many quilting projects. It always seems like you are whipping something up "just for fun!" And I got a chuckle out of the "druggy dog" look. My Roxy entertained us the same way a few weeks ago. ($400 bucks for my dog's infected A$$! Seriously?) What'cha gonna do...and I share your fury for your underfunded shelter. Have a great weekend! ~ Lynn


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