Friday, June 24, 2016

Those Movie Theaters, My How They Have Changed

For those of you who are kindle folk, if you had one 2012 or before, you could have a nice gift card in your Amazon account.  Please follow the link in this blurb at the bottom.(assuming you are logged into your account), or go to your my account and then on the overview look at the summary page at the top (where it says "Barbara's Amazon" and shows orders pending and such. Apple used to a co-owner of Kindle as I understand it, and in 2014 they lost a price fixing class action suit. Payout was two days ago. Supposedly you should have gotten an email (I did not).

I am a movie maven. Except for one person in the world, I know more about movies than anyone else in my world (which is a large one). I am the one who my daughter calls when driving back from the Outer Banks of North Carolina at two in the morning to ask about the full cast of the first Cape Fear movie, knowing that I can answer that down to the minor characters half asleep. I'm the girl who when someone mentions a movie with Clint Eastwood "walking in the mist with school girls" can tell you the name and the year, and knows all about that survivalist movie starring Sidney Poitier, Inger Stevens, and John Cassavettes in an empty New York.  

The same is true of modern movies. I've seen the AFI top 100  (the old and the new lists), the movies with the top fifty worst villains, and the top fifty good guys, international movies and more. With the exception of a couple silent films, baby I've seen them. I'm the person who tells everyone who has said in the past year "No, I won't see Mad Max" that YES, you should see the new Mad Max (especially if you saw the old, but still). It had a 98 percent for a reason and sometimes violence is necessary for and improves a film.

I tell ya, I don't just see the great movies, but also the not so great and the just okay. I can tell you about most of the movies that used to be late nite on Elvira show, and I'm unashamed to admit it. I rarely review movies on this blog, although I am trying to more regularly review TV shows and books. I believe that people should make up their own minds about movies, and there are some other bloggers, include Rosy, who do a wonderful job.

Believe me, I did not see all these movies in the theater!  I am a night owl at heart, and while current late night TV can be as much about home shopping and talk shows, there was a time when much of late night TV was movies. For many years, I worked the two to ten shift in the medical field and had to come home and wind down for a good three hours if not more before I could possibly sleep. Add that to parents who were huge movie fans, and there you have it.

That said, I am a movie goer. I am willing to pay for movies, though these days I tend to go in the morning and on the week unless it's a group event. I go to big theaters, little local theaters, and even brew house theaters.

Being the lazy retiree that I am though, my favorite theater is the one with the reclining seats. That's right, my neighborhood theater has huge, reclining seats-with enough space between the aisles that even with my seat reclined, people can walk in front of me with ease. It also let's me reserve my seat either online or in person. I never have to worry about finding an aisle seat on the bad leg days or one that is front and center on days like this morning, when I went to see Independence Day.

And if that were not enough, they bring me drinks. And food. They bring me food. Not like in a food and movie theater food, but they do fix it so I don't have to wait in line. Because I have a reserved seat, I can go ahead and order my food (M&Ms mixed in popcorn with soda) and have it waiting when I get there.

No lines, people. No lines. About that I am never going to complain.

And as for Independence Day?  Let's just say it was worth the entrance fee and more, but could have used Will Smith's repartee.

And so it goes, on another lazy Friday in retirement.



  1. Thanks for the shout out, Barbara. I really appreciate it and glad you are checking in on my blog. Here is something you might enjoy. I am part of the Fantasy Movie League. Each week you get $1000 "bux" to spend on new releases and you try to predict the box office it will get over the weekend. It's completely free and lots of fun, though my Hubby complains I have become obsessed. You can check it out at You think that you and I are movie buffs, these folks are rabid! Again, thanks for the mention and I am a regular reader of YOU too!
    Rosy Brewer

  2. I haven't tried one of those new to us theatres with the reclining seats and good etc. I am not willing to price the extra cost. I do like movies and see a lot of them but know little about casts and locations and all the other trivia. It's nice there are movies and other things to give us enjoyment.

  3. We don't go to the movie theater very often. Our seats are not reclining, and are actually a bit uncomfortable for leg room. Now with the android box I am watching more movies in the comfort of my home. I will never be an expert as I have a good memory, but a short one.

    God bless.


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