Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Seasons, They Are Changing

Here in beautiful Colorado, the weather is a sunny 83, which makes it seem like closer to 90 degrees this close to the sun. The next week looks like similar weather, but that could change, I''m wearing sandals and shorts with an occasional sweater later in the evening as it cools down at night. This is the kind of weather I love.

Even so, it is officially fall. While my leaves have not started changing, the Aspen in the mountains are falling and this week and next week will be the best times to "see the colors" as it were. I would be the first to say that Colorado fall colors have no comparison to those trees on the east coast. A drive on the Blue Ridge or Skyline Parkway is still the best way I know to see fall color, but the Aspen Groves have their own beauty.

But even without leaves falling of my trees or cold weather, fall is slowly but surely arriving. Commitments have started to pick up post summer, and the days are slowly becoming more active-and shorter. My Tuesday night class has started up again, as has my weekday volunteering gig. I've taken on a new project, providing dinner for the Thursday night social/learning evening at my church. In my knitting group, we've turned to thinking about knitting sweaters for homeless veterans, and concentrating on holiday gifting. I pulled out the wrinkled fall and Halloween quilt tops I made last year so that I can get them finished-even though I am not in love with the simple Halloween quilt (my next quilt will be a vintage style with many, many, many small pieces, so I'm enjoying doing a couple simple things).

I've purchased my first pumpkin pie, and have started using pumpkin in recipes. While I'm not one for pumpkin ale, or pumpkin hot chocolate, I do like a good chocolate chip pumpkin bread or pumpkin soup, spiced pumpkin candles and the like.  Heck, I've even started keeping my eyes out for eggnog, early as it is.  And while I use my slow cooker in the summer to save on electric costs, now I use it for chili and soups and stews!

Even with my schedule picking up, I try and allow for alot of down time. Every so often though, life takes over, and so it has been for the past, non-blogging week. Nothing exciting or transforming has happened-just a lot of little distractions adding up if you will. I spent some time in the rabbit hole of Internet genealogy, as well as doing some "Genealogy for Dummies" reading.  I started photgraphing my memorabilia for a photo book and found a graduation photo of my father! 

I have been taking two courses through Great Courses Plus and one of them is drawing, so I have done some basic beginner exercises. I went through and organized my sewing room in anticipation of holiday sewing. As part of the household experiment in eating well but cooking less, I've experimented with a couple Blue Apron like companies that I'll be reviewing, as well as Schwanns delivery. And of course I've done more than my share of summer reading. And walking, And just sitting mindlessly on my swing and enjoying the days. Oh, and I purchased an embroidery machine. One can never have too many sewing machines or creative toys, after all.

I also went to a wedding of two old friends who finally were able to get married thanks to the changing laws and my progressive church, where they had lovely fall flowers.  I purchased some flannel shirts. I have a personal fashion consultant in my daughter, who informed me that no matter what else I bought this fall, a flannel shirt was a must. Whether she's right or not, I now have at least one in my closet.

Everyone has their favorite seasons. I fully admit that I Iove summer-to the point that I rarely travel during the summer months unless it is to see family.  I'm happy sitting out in the sun, enjoying the long days and the slower pace, which is probably why I prefer to travel at other times of the year. In truth though, I love almost all the seasons here in Colorado. Occasionally I have difficulty in March, April and the beginning of May, having lived mostly in places where gardening started after Easter-but that is solved by spring vacations or short term snow birding.

Meanwhile, I've made a huge list of fall to Christmas events: festivals, concerts, day trip ideas, overnight ideas, and just some plain around the house with friend ideas. Most of them are free or cheap and semi local - I still have so much to see in my surrounding states since my move that my "road tripping" goals this fall lean more to three and four day trips in different directions (hello Jackson, Wyoming) than longer road trips. Especially with a one month train trip coming after the beginning of the year.

As for today? I'm off to start one of those Christmas knitting projects, get some good quality chili meat, and finish the book I'm reading. I've promised my reading and watching list for awhile, so look for it on Friday.

And so it goes, this Wednesday in Retirement.


  1. I just got back this week from a Fall trip to Jackson and the Grand Tetons. The colors were spectacular set against the craggy mountains, with big white puffy clouds and that spectacular blue sky.

  2. Colors in Steamboat and Dillon/Silverthorne are just about done(you are correct that last weekend was a full color weekend)! Snow expected in the mountains this weekend, they can keep it. I am enjoying the 80's here in Denver

  3. I hope my retirement is as enjoyable as yours. Donna

  4. Until yesterday it was still 90 during the day. We awoke to 51 degrees and I threw open the door! A few leaves- but my second crop of spinach is almost up! Global warming on the East Coast.
    Your fall sounds wonderful.
    Thanks for the tip about flannel. I heard about the LL Bean boots, but not the flannel. Might buy some for the kids for Christmas!

  5. I like the way you have set up your retirement. A one month train trip, wow! How nice you have your daughter as your fashion consultant. We are retired too and enjoying it.


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