Monday, November 14, 2016

Girl's Day Out-Fairy Gardens and Fountains

Once a month my sister-in-law, sister, and I aim for a girls day out. Occasionally said day out includes brunch or lunch or happy hour. Since we are who we are though, more of them are spent "doing".  As a result I've been compiling a long list of "experience" ideas that might work for us. 

My list includes high tea, taking a wood shop class and making a candle log, going and decorating gingerbread houses together, and taking a one day glass blowing class. It also includes day trips on occasion. Because both other gals  are still happily in the working world, our "girls day out", is one of those times when I do make plans to do things on the weekend (hence no Friday Funday title for this one)

This morning was fairy garden time. One of my many local nurseries advertised a class. For $25 we could get a pot, dirt, three fairy garden plants and choose from a variety of accessories. There were also more pieces that we could buy.  This was earlier than I usually promise to be anywhere  (Imagine if you can, me dressed, out of the house and sitting down somewhere else, all before ten am), but it sounded like fun so off we went. 

Now, I not a plant person (I know that shocks you! !), so I even had to have someone help me dig holes in the bowl and fit in the plants propery.  If you can, imagine me trying to pull the little plant out of the pot without breaking it (I think that was because it was root bound?), and trying to decide where to put my little plants. Good thing there were experts-including young kids-in the area.

After planting my little trees, I laid down moss and began "arranging".  I ended up putting a Christmas bear in a lawn chair, a lone Santa, some gifts, and a sign that says "Noel" made out of part of a hangar.  Since I knew I would want to make adjustments, add stuff and make it snowier, I definitely left empty space.  For me at least, when I make things or do table arrangements it takes some time. It seems like no matter how much I plan it out, I keep moving and fixing at least for the first couple of days.

In the case of this baby, I had thought that I would get out some of my small figures and perhaps an icy pond that goes with my Christmas village. The one that I probably won't put out this year since I am traveling much of December.  I may have had a Eureka! moment since then, though. You see, my thirty something daughter lived in the carribean for many years, and during that time she sent me many a tropical santa ornament-at least one with a topless Santa in board shorts on a surf board. 

So now I have a dilemna.  Tropical Christmas fairy garden. or traditional fairy garden. Surfing Santa, or New England style skaters and sled?  I guess I'll just have to get them out and see. Or make another one. Or find some dressed up beagles that are small enough, make it a dog Christmas fairy garden and send it to my daughter?  Something different?  I promise I'll let you know (and as always to take pictures)

Since this is a frugal retirement blog, and for the curious among my readers, I generally alot $50 for a days outing, be it a field trip like last week or something like this week. If I know I'll be buying things like the  yarn last week it may be a bit more.  This outing had no lunch, as we have a dinner this evening. The basic price of the garden was $24, and I added about ten dollars worth of "stuff".  In truth, I really love the chair and may paint it red or green, so I guess we've commited to tropical.

As always happens on days like this, a good time was had by all, and our fairy garden experience was followed my thrift shopping, a snack, a walk, and a nap-all before dinner.

And since we can't forget the fountain portion. below is a picture of the fountain that the other inhabitant of this house purchased. This was just a quick take, and does not show the fact that the duck's mouths open and close as the water pours out. Once I have it hooked up, I'll grab some more photos.  Fortunately it's not near the house, because that opening and shutting makes a noice, to say the least.

And so it was this week in retirement. Happy weekend all.


  1. Love the fairy garden. A tropical one would be really cute.

    God bless.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day, one I would enjoy!!!

    1. Thanks madeline, I do love my days out.


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